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All is not well with the daylight savings time change...

So as we all know daylight savings time hit us early this year thanks to Congress trying to save energy. For those of us who follow the DST practice, if you're reading this and you haven’t set your clock forward yet you’re an hour late.

My computer and the computers I maintain didn’t handle the switch well at all. In fact I’ve had to go around to each of them and set the clocks by hand. Only there is a glaring problem with this strategy -- I also have my computer clocks update to the national atomic clocks using AnalogX’s Atomic TimeSync so when I made the change, 120 seconds later the clocks were off by an hour.

To say the least in a small operation this is a gross annoyance but I can imagine that in a large IT Infrastructure it can be a downright painful. I should mention there is a fix by setting a Time Offset in Atomic TimeSync by 1 hour the problem is solved at least until we change our clocks back.

To make matters worse the tools and websites Microsoft has thrown up to help users with the change don’t work. The tools throw non-descript error messages on the machines I try to install them on. I also must validate each of the workstations for genuine advantage before I can download the software that doesn’t work on the computer ... so because I have set up my clients computers to keep the correct time at all costs and the software to fix the “problem” won’t work I’ve got a load of computers that are now an hour off.

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