Mtron cranks out high-capacity 1.8" SSD

While companies like BiTMICRO like to dance in the high-end with exotic 416GB, 832GB and 1.6TB solid-state drives (SSDs), Mtron is looking towards advances for mere mortals.

Mtron announced the completed development of its single-level cell (SLC) 1.8" SSD which provides maximum read speeds of 120MB/sec and maximum writes of 100MB/sec. Mtron says that these speeds are over six times faster than traditional 1.8" HDDs.

In addition, Mtron also has a new multi-level cell (MLC) 1.8" SSD which delivers read speeds of 110MB/sec and writes of 40MB/sec. Both drives use a PATA interface.

"With our new 1.8 Inch SSD, Mtron has added another great product line as a leader in SSD market, which is expected to grow into ten billion dollars in 2012," said Mtron CEO Steve Joen. "Our new product is a result of careful market analysis and research for consumer needs, and we will launch our new product in April so that we can satisfy their need for high performance SSD products."

Mtron's latest drives would find a perfect home in the chassis' of Apple's new MacBook Air which uses a 1.8", PATA SSD manufactured by Samsung.

Mtron states that the new SLC SSD will begin production in April 2008. Pricing has not been announced for either SSD, but expect to pay a hefty premium for the faster SLC SSDs over the write speed-challenged MLC SSDs.

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch
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