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Hot on the heels of its much-downloaded Firefox 3.5 release, Mozilla is back at it again with newly released screenshots of the proposed themes for Firefox 3.7.  Listed as a draft, the page depicts mockups of the Windows Vista/7 Aero/Without Aero themes and themes for Windows XP.

The browser will look very pretty if the mockup holds true.  With Aero enabled the buttons will be translucent and have small shadows, giving them a 3D look.  The window frame and tabs have the distinctive "glass" look from Aero.  The page and tools buttons have also been moved to logical locations.

For Vista/Windows 7 users not using Aero, you'll still get the button rearrangement and the new 3D button look.  For Windows XP you get slightly improved buttons and four new colorized frames, proof that Mozilla wants to show XP users a little love too.

As the old saying goes, looks aren't everything, but Firefox's upcoming improvements in 3.7 certainly won't hurt its status as the most popular third-party browser.  Mozilla has also been hard at work patching bugs for the release and adding other minor tweaks. 

Firefox 3.7 is also reportedly going to available in 64-bit form, hopefully with the extensions system fixed (user created 64-bit mods exist, but they break Firefox's extensions).

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