Called the "M-Card"

CableLabs announced this month that it awarded Motorola a qualification to produce CableCARD products. Motorola announced the M-Card, which is a multi-stream CableCARD that is compatible with both multi-stream CableCARD tuners and single-stream tuners. The M-Card is intended to give major digital cable operators a secure system to deploy high-definition services. From the press release:

It is expected that M-Cards will be available from major MSOs within the next few months. In addition to developing the specification for the M-Card interface, CableLabs has worked jointly with Digital Keystone, Inc. of Mountain View, California, to create a test tool for testing the M-Card interface on host devices. This host test tool, known as the HPNx PRO™, facilitates the work needed by a CE manufacturer to develop and test the multi-stream interface.

In recent CableCARD news, TiVo's Series3 dual CableCARD tuner is reported to be in final testing stages. While TiVo announced the Series3 earlier in the year, it also mentioned that availability would commence during Q2 of 2006, but unfortunately, that did not occur. Despite customer concerns, TiVo said that it's already sampling out Series3 boxes to major cable service providers.

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