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Gates says that depth sensing camera should debut in about a year

The world first got wind of what Microsoft was working on gesture control in 2007 and then we saw the end result of that project at E3 this year. Project Natal was introduced at the show allowing gamers to control the Xbox 360 with hand gestures.

At first, what Microsoft was talking about for the Xbox 360 sounded just like the Nintendo Wii. The key difference between Natal and the Wii, however, was that you could use your own bat and your own tennis racket, not a foam replica holding a Wii Remote.

Bill Gates now says that the Xbox 360 won’t be the only place that Microsoft takes advantage of Natal's depth sensing digital camera. Gates says that the Windows team has taken the idea and ran with it. In the future, people working in the office may be able to control their PCs with simple gestures.

Gates says, "I think the value is as great for if you're in the home, as you want to manage your movies, music, home system type stuff, it's very cool there. In addition, I think there's incredible value as we use that in the office connected to a Windows PC. So Microsoft research and the product groups have a lot going on there, because you can use the cost reduction that will take place over the years to say, why shouldn't that be in most office environments."

Gates said during his interview with CNET News that we could expect the depth-sensing camera to be available in a little over a year.

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By glenn8 on 7/15/2009 2:07:22 PM , Rating: 4
... I can lie on my couch and use the PC by moving my finger a little. Now they just need mind control so that I don't have to lift a finger at all.

RE: Finally...
By StevoLincolnite on 7/15/2009 2:33:12 PM , Rating: 2
Natal on the Xbox 360 has Voice recognition capabilities, so I would also think the PC version should have something similar to that also.
So hopefully you won't have to move an inch with any luck. ;)

RE: Finally...
By sc3252 on 7/15/2009 2:43:06 PM , Rating: 1
Why do people even want voice recognition? So they can talk to their tv/computer for the next 2 hours about how they pronounce words? After using Windows Vista's voice recognition I have no hope for it ever being viable. The software gets so many things wrong its not even worth dealing with unless its just detecting something simple like yes/no.

RE: Finally...
By invidious on 7/15/2009 2:59:43 PM , Rating: 5
Of course, because new technology is always user friendly when it first starts out, nothing ever needs gets refined over time.

RE: Finally...
By jadeskye on 7/15/2009 7:14:05 PM , Rating: 2
damn straight, you as a PC and/or Mac user should know that everything works the moment it's implemented.

RE: Finally...
By Boze on 7/15/2009 5:28:39 PM , Rating: 4
That's the problem, you were using Windows Vista voice recognition. Try using a more professional product, like the Dragon NaturallySpeaking series.

RE: Finally...
By FITCamaro on 7/15/2009 2:46:47 PM , Rating: 2
You: Diabetes and obesity here I come!

RE: Finally...
By superPC on 7/15/2009 8:26:38 PM , Rating: 2
imagine what we can do with this in the PC!!! now we can do motion capture for all our home made CGI movies! that's a great tool for artist!! other than that imagine what this would do to engineer and architect. now they can use gestures instead of mouse to pan, rotate, zoom their 3D model (i'm an engineer, and i'm exited by the prospect of using natal to manipulate object in my CAD software! even when i'm good at doing that with a mouse)

Computer nerds rejoice!!
By ryedizzel on 7/15/2009 2:25:03 PM , Rating: 2
You no longer have to leave the house to have a girlfriend.

RE: Computer nerds rejoice!!
By BrandtTheMan on 7/15/2009 2:31:53 PM , Rating: 2
Not leaving the house has never stopped anyone from having a girl friend... ever hear of "Rosie"?

RE: Computer nerds rejoice!!
By ryedizzel on 7/15/2009 2:45:34 PM , Rating: 3
Haha, you freaked me out for a second because my girlfriend's name is Rosie so my brain started going crazy wondering how you knew that. Then I realized you were talking about "Rosie Palm".

....... which is not my gf btw. ;)

RE: Computer nerds rejoice!!
By Souka on 7/15/2009 7:45:27 PM , Rating: 2
When I was younger, I used to go on dates with Rosie all the time....

RE: Computer nerds rejoice!!
By FITCamaro on 7/15/2009 2:45:58 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure how you think they have a chance to have one anyway...

But, that's not fair!
By BPB on 7/15/09, Rating: 0
RE: But, that's not fair!
By therealnickdanger on 7/15/2009 2:25:06 PM , Rating: 3
How's Apple gonna take credit for it's creation?

Well, I reckon that gives Apple about 11 months to mimick it and release one of their own.

Any smart company knows how to take a good innovation, improve on it, market it better, and cash in. I'm sure Apple will do just fine in this instance. Lord knows that they have experience here.

RE: But, that's not fair!
By Pirks on 7/15/2009 3:26:57 PM , Rating: 1
Why so sour? (C) Joker

RE: But, that's not fair!
By anotherdude on 7/15/2009 6:17:54 PM , Rating: 2
Those Apple engineers are GENIUSES. Did you see the latest? You can actually speak into your iphone and TELL IT who to call! "Call Jose" and it calls Jose - they call it voice command I think, far out stuff - and that's not all - you can also copy some text on one part of the phone and actually MOVE that text to some other part of the phone, amazing, copy and paste I think it's called - wonders never cease . .

The way of the Future
By Senju on 7/16/2009 6:04:16 AM , Rating: 2
2007 - 2010 Touch Era (iphone, itouch, HP touch)
2010 - 2015 Gesture Era (move your hand and body)
2015 - 2020 Holograms and Gesture binding
Holograms will replace LCD displays
True 3d thin screens also replace LCD displays
Both will support 3d gestures
2020 - 2030 Holograms will support physics.
You will be able to "FEEL" the 3d material - simulate different textures.
2030 - 2050 Create matter to replace holograms - e.g. Holodeck
2050+ - Moving our mind into 3d world
The matrix world is born.....

RE: The way of the Future
By AnnihilatorX on 7/16/2009 6:28:04 AM , Rating: 3
The world of virtual sex is born...


Hitch Hiker's Guide progression of controls?
By cornelius785 on 7/15/2009 4:04:59 PM , Rating: 2
All I can think of the whole Natal thing is this: "For years radios had been operated by means of pressing buttons and turning dials; then as the technology became more sophisticated the controls were made touch-sensitive — you merely had to brush the panels with your fingers; now all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope. It saved a lot of muscular expenditure of course, but meant that you had to sit infuriatingly still if you wanted to keep listening to the same programme."

Isn't it interesting how reality is mimicing fiction (buttons->multi-touch screens->no physical interaction by gestures) for technology interfaces?

By smackababy on 7/15/2009 4:39:56 PM , Rating: 2
It would be interesting, if it wasn't that almost every advance was due to fiction...or war.

A Good Idea?
By grandpope on 7/15/2009 3:30:46 PM , Rating: 1
you could use your own bat and your own tennis racket

Anybody else besides me think that fake batting practice indoors is a bad idea?

RE: A Good Idea?
By Scabies on 7/15/2009 3:33:40 PM , Rating: 2
It's a liability thing. Microsoft wont be sued for anything flying into TVs or Monitors since projectiles would be provided by the consumer.

Thats fine...
By Operandi on 7/15/2009 2:07:30 PM , Rating: 2
Just don't throw me in jail unless I actually kill somebody.

Minority report
By lokigreybush on 7/15/2009 4:47:15 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, now all i'll need is the stupid glove and a douchebag midget.

Let's take a vote!
By Goty on 7/15/2009 7:58:38 PM , Rating: 2
Alright, raise your hand if you care!


By Silver2k7 on 7/16/2009 6:29:40 AM , Rating: 2
The same thing exists on the ps3 its called the 'eye toy'.. where you use your hand to control a few games..

There is one where you move monsters around called 'Operation Creature Feature'.

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov

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