Morgan LIFECar Fuel Cell Vehicle  (Source: Morgan Motor Company)

  (Source: Morgan Motor Company)
Morgan LIFECar ditches batteries in favor of ultra capacitors

When it comes to energy-efficient, boutique car manufacturers, we've seen a number of interesting concept (and future production) vehicles dangled in front of our eyes. Fisker turned heads with its exotic-looking Hybrid Premium Sports Sedan (HPSS). Connaught turned some heads as well with its Type-D H coupe which features a hybrid powertrain.

Now it is Morgan's turn to jump into the hybrid fray with its LIFECar hydrogen fuel cell concept. The car will be displayed at the Geneva Auto Show and puts a different spin on the long Morgan motoring tradition.

The LIFECar features a hydrogen storage tank which feed a four-stack hydrogen PEM fuel cell. According to Morgan, the QinetiQ-manufactured fuel cell operates at 45% efficiency and generates 22kW of electricity.

Power is routed to four electric motors/generators -- one for each wheel. The electric motors used are 92-94% efficient and are capable of taking advantage of regenerative braking.

Interestingly, the LIFECar concept doesn't make use of lithium-ion batteries as used in most new hybrids. Instead, the vehicle will use ultra capacitors which can transfer as much as 1000 amps back and forth when needed.

Morgan says that with its advanced powertrain, the LIFECar will be able to reach 62 MPH in less than seven seconds and reach a top speed of around 85 MPH. The LIFECar will have a driving range of 250 miles and has an equivalent fuel economy rating of 150 MPG.

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