By stepping up from 8 to X rather than Ten the firm has thrown its recognized naming convention into somewhat of a confusion.

This raises the question of whether  there be an iPhone 9 or this 1X.



On the other hand this is a top end model that’s costing customers over $1000 dollars for just to facial scanner rather than swap of fingerprint sensor. Will this make the iPhones easy accessible or more secure? What if it causes more problems by not recognizing the actual face of the owner if it is wet, has not enough light, or has make-up on it.  Then what?



One more thing, the biggest design change of iPhone X is removing the home button and replacing it with face to unlock. Will this change make the device more convenient to use?  Or is it just to make screen bigger without changing the size of the iPhone. Is all this worth of the cost?


When it comes to comparison, it may be true the iPhone X is the most powerful iPhone ever, but almost any other android flagship, makes it hard to pick out a category where it leads the others at the comparison deck including hardware and software, all these will reflect the sales market.




According to Wall Street Journal, the iPhone X’s new design of 5.8-inch, edge-to –edge display has raised hopes that it can reverse Apple’s fortunes in China, where sales have fallen six straight quarters. Chinese consumers are more influenced by a phone’s appearance that consumers in other markets, and Apple had kept the same appearance for three years. Of course this is an opinion of a publication that may not be truly the case.



However, Bloomberg stated that; A S1000 iPhone could add as much as 5% to Apple’s 2018 earnings per share but that depends on the iPhone X being a hit, and there’s more competition from lower-cost Chinese competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which timed the introduction of their new phones around Apple’s launch to attract customers who may be deterred by the iPhone X’s price.


Over all, the innovation of X was the point of focus that left iPhone 8 being looked at as a regular old phone with a price increased by $50 dollars. I personally think that iPhone X is the best phone but I would not know unless I put it to work, which is going to be soon.      

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