OCZ Flex 2 RAM  (Source: OCZ)

OCZ Gaming Peripherals  (Source: TweakTown)
ASUS 7-inch digital photo frame acts as SideShow display

Computex 2008 is underway on its first day and OCZ is out of the gate with a barrage of stuff, some of which you will expect to see from OCZ like RAM and flash drives, some of the gear is new for OCZ.

OCZ is launching a new DDR3 RAM product for its Flex series called the Flex II PC3-17000. OCZ is tight lipped on the specs like timings for the RAM so all that is known right now is the speed. OCZ is also releasing some new gaming peripherals including two keyboards and a mouse.

TweakTown has some pics of the new OCZ gaming peripherals including a new gaming mouse pad, gaming mouse and new keyboards. It’s unclear if OCZ will offer the new mouse pad for retail sale or if it will only be bundled with some of the gaming notebooks that are forthcoming.

The OCZ gaming mouse is called the Dominatrix and is a wired design that looks to be ambidextrous. Specifications for the mouse are unavailable. OCZ also has a pair of new keyboards one appears to be called the Alchemy Elixir and looks exceedingly similar to the Razer Tarantula right down to the blue keys in rows on the side of the keyboard. I’m wondering if it’s a rebrand of the Tarantula. Another OCZ keyboard on display looks enough like the Logitech Di Novo Edge to give me pause. The main difference is that the OCZ version appears to be larger and is wired.

OCZ is also showing off a couple new flash drives with one called the Spyder that is tiny and looks a bit like a slightly enlarged mini Kart with 8GB of storage. OCZ also has a larger standard style flash drive called the Diesel with 16GB of storage space.

Asus has introduced a new photo frame with a feature that will make it much more interesting. The UFOTO UF735 digital photo frame can be used as a SideShow display for Windows Vista users. The frame is a 7-inch unit and uses a USB plug to connect to the host PC. PC Magazine reports that the device also can accept photos from USB keys and CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD memory cards. Pricing is unknown at this time.

DailyTech reported yesterday on some new mainboards debuting at Computex 2008 from Biostar and a new video card from ATI.

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