Intel may cut prices in response to AMD’s Ryzen 1700, 1700X, and 1800X launch; Windows 10 to offer update ’snoozes’;IBM gives out –of- office patent to public

Intel may cut prices in response to AMD’s Ryzen 1700, 1700X, and 1800X launch
Earlier this week, Intel starts cutting the prices on some of its Core i5 and i7 processors. Micro Center has adjusted its prices dramatically downward, with the Core i7-7700K to $300 which is $80 cheaper, the Core i5-7600K to $200 another $70 dollars less, i5 6600K from $ 270 to $179, HotHardware reported. Even Broadwell-E chips   get on the action, with the Core i7-6850K dropping to $550 from $700 and the i7-6800K itself now priced at $360 rom $500
Where it is not clear that these price cuts are locked in for all Intel’s product lines or it is a temporary Micro Center promotion. So far the list prices for Intel processors have not been updated. At this point Amazon has the same prices as before, which that may change anytime or later on (we think).
McDonald’s is looking into home delivery; AI Roker approves
Fast food giant McDonald’s says it plans to starts a delivery service in countries such as the U.K., France and, the United States. But everyone’s hope is that the fries stay hot for long enough!! McDonald’s is hoping that home delivery; table service and mobile app ordering will help the fast food chain stay afloat in the ever competitive and ever crowded fast food market. The report notes that the company is “uniquely positioned to become the global leader in delivery,” due to its global footprint.
Windows 10 to offer update ’snoozes’
Microsoft will enable Windows 10 users to choose when security updates are installed once they arrive rather than enforcing them strightaway
Users have complained that the reboots required for some updates, which cannot currently be deferred, are disruptive. People using windows 10 devices will now be able to schedule and update within three days of receiving notification, the firm said in a blog.  But experts say, delaying security updates can be risky.
IBM gives out –of- office patent to public
The company has been granted a patent for its out-of –office email system but has promised that it won’t enforce it. This has led to accusations the US Patent Office (USPTO) is out of touch. But in a statement, the IBM said that it had notifies “ the USPTO that it foregoes its rights to the patent. As a result, the patent is released into the public domain”. IBM announced that it has broken the US patent record with more than 8000 patents granted to its inventors in 2016 and this makes the 24th consecutive year that it has won the title. Its patent output covers range of inventions, including breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, cognitive computers and cybersecurity.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher
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