Program is on track but challenges remain

The F-35 Lightning II program was said to be on track in June of 2013, but there are still key milestones left unmet. The multi-role fighter has been delivered in small amounts to the U.S. military, but a widespread rollout of the aircraft hasn’t happened.
The program has been criticized for numerous delays and ballooning costs. However, Pentagon acquisition Chief Frank Kendall was recently asked if the program was finally under control to which he replied, "Yes, it is."
Lt. Gen Christopher Bogdan, the military officer in charge of the F-35 program, added, "Long gone is the time when we're going to pay for mistake after mistake after mistake."

Bogdan also noted that the F-35 is necessary to keep pace with tech being developed in China and Russia. China is currently developing its J-20 stealth fighter, while Russia has a new stealth plane of its own: the Sukhoi T-50.
Bogdan said, "I don't see any scenario where we are walking back away from this program. We're going to buy a lot of these airplanes."
The 2015 fiscal request from the DOD asks for funds to buy two Navy versions of the F-35, six Marine versions, and 26 Air Force versions. That number still falls sort of the 42 aircraft originally requested under the budget.
While things are just getting started for the production of the F-35 Lightning II, we reported yesterday that production of the Boeing F/A-18 E/F  Super Hornet will likely wind down by 2016.

Source: MSN

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