Not enough space on that HDD of yours -- just buy another one and throw in a memory card while you're at it.

The first thing on everyone's mind when Microsoft announced its new Xbox Live Video service was how long the measly 20GB HDD would hold out. For most Xbox 360 users out there, the 20GB drive included with Xbox 360 Platinum has already been bombarded with game demos, music videos, movie and game trailers, save games and various other odds and ends. The prospects of adding high-definition movies and television shows to the mix would be enough to make the drive burst at the seams.

While Microsoft won't confirm the rumors of a possible 80GB HDD launch in the near future to give users more space for downloadable content, Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Marketing Manager for the Xbox, offers this bit of advice for those looking for more storage space:

You know what, I don’t know. At this point we’re not ready yet to roll out a bigger hard drive. I can tell you what people tell me they do to get around this. What they do is they put their Live account on a memory unit and then they have one hard drive that they put their games or related content on, and then they have another drive that they put their movies and TV on. So you know, this isn’t ideal, but there’s some ways to work around that today. If you download the content on one hard drive, and save your Live account on the memory unit, you can still have your hard drives hold all the content. That’s not a perfect workaround, but there’s some flexibility that people can do.

So Microsoft's solution is for users to buy another $99 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive and to use a $40 memory card to store your gamer profile. The simple alternative would be to just allow gamers to use their own external hard drives and USB thumb drives for downloads, but that isn't likely to

But for the adventurous folks out there, you can always perform open heart surgery on your existing hard drive enclosure and add a larger drive.

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