Origami is Microsoft's vision of a small pen-based handheld

There has been some buzz surrounding Microsoft's mysterious “Origami” project, but the device has now stepped out into the open a few days ahead of schedule. Digital Kitchen has posted a Shockwave Flash video of Microsoft's new portable media device ahead of its scheduled March 3 unveiling.

From the main site (pop-ups must be disabled), Click "Enter" on the pop-up, click “Work,” then click on "BrandTheatre." From there, click "Microsoft Origami" and you should be presented with a rather lengthy video on Origami. If that link gets taken down, you can also view it here.

From watching the video, Origami looks to be a primarily pen input based “mini TabletPC” device with USB host functionality and built-in GPS. Origami of course has wireless access and can tap into your existing Windows Media Center based PC to playback music/video from anywhere around your home. Also shown in the video is a person playing what appears to be Halo.

Could this all-in-one device really be all things to all people?

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