Microsoft/Nokia are the perennial underdog in a market dominated by Android and iOS

On Friday, Microsoft announced the official completion of its purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services division. The $7.2B deal netted Microsoft a swanky smartphone hardware division and 25,000 new employees.
Microsoft, long the dominant player in the desktop/laptop operating system market with its various flavors of Windows, has found itself struggling to compete in the smartphone sector with Windows Phone. The Nokia acquisition will hopefully help to craft a hardware/software experience more in line with Microsoft’s vision for the consumer mobile experience.
In keeping with that theme, Microsoft has unveiled a new advertising campaign that shows “We’re not like everybody else”:
In this case, “everybody else” includes smartphones running Google’s Android OS and Apple’s popular iPhone family of smartphones. As of Q4 2013, Android’s share of the smartphone market stood at 78.1 percent according to IDC. Apple, meanwhile, managed to capture 17.6 of the market with its iOS-based smartphones. Microsoft, however, was stuck in a distant third place with just 3.0 percent of the overall smartphone market.
Microsoft’s latest acquisition is definitely a logical step forward in increasing its fortunes in the smartphone sector, but it also has to capture the attention of consumers who have are currently enamored with Android and iOS devices.

So we must ask our readers, if you haven’t already transitioned to Windows Phone, what does Microsoft need to accomplish in order to make you consider the platform? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Sources: Nokia Conversations, IDC

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