Image courtesy Gamasutra

Image courtesy Gamasutra
The Live Vision camera adds a new dimension to XBOX 360 gaming

At this year's Gamefest in Seattle, WA, Microsoft showed off its new XBOX 360 Live Vision camera. The camera will allow gamers to video conference with one another, perform face mapping with DigiMask technology and play gesture-based games thanks to GestureTek technology.

The editors at Gamasutra were able to get a hands-on look at the Live Vision and have detailed many of the camera's features including the ability to email pictures to other Live users and the ability to use your own photo for your gamertag (only viewable to gamers on your friends list due to legal issues). There was also a gesture-based game on display called TotemBall that comes free with the Live Vision. Other games that will take advantage of the Live Vision's capabilities include Uno, World Series of Poker and Rainbow Six Vegas. GestureTek technology, which will be used in a number of upcoming game titles, was also featured at Gamefest:

Building on its face tracking technology, GestureTek has also developed a solution for tracking individual, non-facial objects on-screen, such as handheld peripherals. This is done in a remarkably simple manner. The tracker looks at an object's color and shape, and is able capture and track it in a number of ways. Objects can be moved around rapidly, such as in the face tracker technology. They can be rotated and moved with relative ease. They can also, by way of tracking an objects size, be detected spatially: that is, theoretically, a peripheral's distance from the screen can be tracked in real-time, which is more than mildly reminiscent of Nintendo's Wii controller.

The XBOX 360 Live Vision camera will be available on September 19 and will be priced at $39.95.

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