Microsoft going for the throat with its PMP

Engadget broke the news yesterday that Microsoft upcoming portable media player which has been code-named "Argo" is officially to be called Zune. Zune is said to have player to player wireless song transfer, a brushed metal backing and will be available in a variety of colors.

Today, we have word from iLounge that Microsoft has been in direct contact with iPod accessory manufacturers to score licensing deals for its player. iLounge also confirms that Microsoft is willing to offer lower licensing costs compared to Apple's "Made for iPod" program. Microsoft is likely hoping that lower licensing costs will allow third-party manufacturers to produce just as many accessories for Zune as there available for the range of iPods.

As for the Zune itself, there has been much talk about the rumored wireless capabilities of the device. iLounge has some speculation on how the Zune’s wireless function will be used:

As previously reported, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit uses an Apple-developed version of 802.11, which may offer bandwidth and other benefits over the various flavors of Bluetooth, but could lock third-party developers out from creating compatible accessories. It is unclear whether Microsoft’s technology, which reportedly enables music “sharing” between multiple Zune users, will resemble Apple’s in all regards, but it will likely be available to third-party developers for accessorization.

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