Sony says Microsoft's claim of Xbox 360 outselling PS3 "are way off"

Microsoft revealed yesterday that it sold 310,000 during Black Friday week, which will likely contribute to the strongest week of the year for Xbox 360, perhaps rivaled only the week of the Halo 3 launch.

While there is little argument that Nintendo won the overall sales number game during the Thanksgiving shopping week with 350,000 sold, Microsoft boasted to Next-Gen that it outsold PlayStation 3 by a ratio of 2:1, citing unspecified retail estimates.

Using Microsoft’s numbers, it would mean that Sony sold 155,000 PlayStation 3 consoles throughout last week – which would be a fair performance given that only 121,000 PS3s were sold during the entire month of October.

Sony, however, is taking exception to Microsoft’s estimates that propose PlayStation 3 selling only half as well as the Xbox 360. SCEA spokeswoman Kimberly Otzman sent an email to Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog refuting Microsoft’s claim.

“It's (Sony Computer Entertainment America) policy not to disclose our unit sales numbers until NPD numbers are officially released which will be December 13th,” wrote Otzman. “However, I can assure you that Microsoft's estimates of our PS3 unit sales numbers are way off and they did not outsell PS3 2:1 during Black Friday week.”

One thing that can be assumed from the SCEA representative’s comments is that, even though PS3 may have not have been outsold by a 2:1 ratio, the Xbox 360 still managed to outpace Sony’s latest console – a fact that SCEA is not disputing.

Those interested in the actual sales ratio between the two competing consoles will likely have to wait until NPD releases its figures in two weeks.

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