The Xbox replacement cords issued in early 2005 were considerably beefier than the original cords, and emblazoned with multiple warning labels  (Source:
Microsoft dismisses blame for death of baby

A lawsuit filed in December 2006 blames Microsoft, Wal-Mart and a power supply maker for a fire sparked by a faulty Xbox power cord. The fire, which took place in Warsaw, Ill, claimed the life of Wade Kline, the baby of the family who are behind the lawsuit.

"The fire was a direct and proximate result of the overheating of the game's power supply and wiring," claims the lawsuit. The Kline family is seeking unspecified damages.

Microsoft is now asking a court to dismiss the lawsuit arguing that "misuse or abuse" of the Xbox led to the fire, according to InformationWeek. The losses "were the result of an open, obvious, and apparent condition which was known to and recognized by the plaintiff and/or others who, nevertheless, knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and voluntarily exposed themselves to said danger and assumed the risk of incident, injuries, losses, and damages," Microsoft charges.

Microsoft recalled 14 million Xbox power cords because of potential fire hazards in February 2005, about two months after the Warsaw fire occurred.

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