Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000  (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000  (Source: Microsoft)
Microsoft's new mice continue its trend of long, horrible product names

Microsoft today announced a pair of new computer mice for desktop computers. The Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 is a rechargeable mouse that charges on a horizontal charge station. Power for the mouse comes from a single rechargeable AAA battery good for three weeks of use on one full charge.

Wireless connectivity for the mouse is via 2.4GHz technology providing a range of 30 feet from the receiver. Sensitivity for the mouse is low by gamer standards at 1,000 dpi, but higher than typical mouse fare at 800 dpi. The Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 features one-touch access to Vista’s Flip 3D feature and has a magnifier button for enlarging onscreen text. Pricing for the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 is $69.95 and the mouse will be available in March 2008.

The second mouse introduced by Microsoft today is the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. This mouse is sized like a desktop mouse but features a snap in transceiver more commonly found on notebook mice making for easy portability. This would make the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 a good option for notebook users who like a full size mouse.

Sensitivity for the 6000 is 1,000 dpi and the mouse uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology for connectivity. Wireless range is up to 30 feet. The mouse is rechargeable and has LEDs on the mouse body to indicate charge level. Rounding out the features is one touch access to Flip 3D, a tilt wheel and a magnifier. The Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 will be available in March 2008 for $49.95.

Last summer, Microsoft announced its first in-house designed gaming mouse and revived on old moniker with the SideWinder Mouse.

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