RIP, Microsoft Private Folder 1.0: 7/6/06 - 7/14/06

In a quick turn-around for the company, Microsoft has removed its newly released Private Folder 1.0 application. Private Folder 1.0 allowed customers to encrypt files within a password-protected folder called "My Private Folder" and share those files with friends and colleagues.

Many people and business customers expressed concern over how the application would be used. "Private Folder 1.0 was designed as a benefit for customers running genuine Windows. However, we received feedback about concerns around manageability, data recovery and encryption, and based on that feedback, we are removing the application today. This change will take effect shortly," said a representative for Microsoft to CNET News. While the application was good in thought, the implementation and lackluster documentation of the application left many people wanting more.

It's good to hear that Microsoft took such swift action in removing the application in response to customer complaints. Our own readers expressed their issues with the application when DailyTech's initial article went live. For those who want Microsoft-sponsored user-level file and folder encryption, there's always Windows Vista.

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