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Microsoft has some fresh software on the table for testers

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7.0 RC1 to the public. This release comes nearly two months after the release of Beta 3. According to BetaNews, the new release adds some enhancements to security, application compatibility and performance.

For those that haven't been keeping up with the development of IE7, it brings a host of new features including tabbed browsing, integrated RSS and enhanced printing capabilities which keeps it more in line with rivals Firefox and Opera.

In other Microsoft news, Windows Vista Build 5536 (Pre-RC1) was released yesterday to beta testers. According to Microsoft, the latest build incorporate many of the suggestions gathered from feedback in Beta 2 and Build 5472. Said a Microsoft staffer who announced the new build on the official Vista newsgroups:

We have made a lot of progress since Beta 2 and 5472, and we think you will notice the quality improvements that we've been seeing in the daily builds. So please install the build, install your apps, invite your wife/kids/friends/etc. to play with it - and then respond to the Mini-Review post with your thoughts / feelings about it.

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By Schadenfroh on 8/25/2006 12:51:35 PM , Rating: 3
Microsoft did a great job on IE 7, this RC1 is far more stable (has not crashed yet) than IE 7 beta 2. I have also found that all of the bugs that I fought with beta 2 are now gone.

Well done Microsoft!

By ZeeStorm on 8/25/06, Rating: -1
By smitty3268 on 8/25/2006 1:55:17 PM , Rating: 3
no developers are going to use this if they can't at least match the web standards rendering (such as Opera, Firefox and Mac's browsers).

Wrong. Every developer is going to use it, becuase the majority of the world does and you'd be an idiot if it didn't work for them. A fired idiot.

The CSS support in IE7 is still horrible, but at least they fixed a lot of the IE6 bugs. Hopefully in another year or two they'll release another version which focuses on CSS support now that they've got some competition and have finished the UI updates like tabbed browsing, etc.

By ZeeStorm on 8/25/06, Rating: -1
By Locutus465 on 8/26/2006 12:10:31 PM , Rating: 2
Same can be said for firefox (I'm also a web developer). Firefox has some serious CSS issues that are quite frankly annoying, for instance firefox just can't seem to get table styles right, never have been able to, particularly if you start playing around with the display style in conjunction with table styles. Hopefully MS and Mozilla working together will result in browsers based on both technologies offering the same css/javascript support, even if neither is fully acid.

By Loser on 8/25/2006 4:46:32 PM , Rating: 3
damn people are easy to make happy these days, all you need is a prog that doesnt crash for a couple of hours

By ZeeStorm on 8/25/06, Rating: -1
By MrSmurf on 8/25/2006 9:10:41 PM , Rating: 3
We all know the system is flawed but a few words of advice, don't stoop to their level like you did and realize the vast majority of the people who comment here are anti-social nerds with no life venting their rage of a lifetime full of being teased and picked on.

Consider it a compliment.

By DeadSurvivor on 8/26/2006 2:38:37 AM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately, IE7RC Is Giving Me Problems ... It Takes Longer To Boot Up And WAY Longer To Shut Down. Any Idea's On What Happened During The Install?

By Locutus465 on 8/26/2006 12:12:29 PM , Rating: 2
No idea, I didn't run into that. I did notice it needed to install the previous version of IE, reboot, then complete the install before it let the system finish booting. But the install process it's self (other than reboot time) didn't take any longer than with B3.

By jumpmanjay on 8/25/2006 1:47:54 PM , Rating: 2
ie7b3 would crash when i would go to for my fantasy football league. ie7rc1 fixed that!

RE: nice
By Souka on 8/25/2006 3:43:37 PM , Rating: 2
sounds like IE is now perfect!


By spindoc on 8/25/2006 4:43:44 PM , Rating: 2
I can't post on the functionality because I came right back to dailytech after the install to mention how long it took.

The d/l and install validates Windows 3 times.
The install rebooted my computer twice.
The process took about 10 minutes; all for a 15MB install file.


RE: Install
By Nekrik on 8/25/2006 6:44:52 PM , Rating: 2
My experience was a bit different.

Only one reboot, the download site did a validation check, which I expected, the installer performed another validation check, which again can be expected as it could be downloaded from a different source.

If you required two reboots is it possible the system had not been updated in a while (thus accounting for both the second reboot and the additional validation check)?

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