Microsoft gets down and dirty with Private Folder 1.0

Microsoft has its Private Folder 1.0 application which allows you to encrypt files in a folder called "My Private Folder." With Private Folder 1.0, Microsoft encourages users to share their private data with friends, colleagues and others that share your PC. The folder is secured by a single password and Microsoft even provides a password strength display to show you how secure yours is as you enter it for the first time. Minimum password length is 6 characters with 16 characters being the max.

Once you enter a password and open My Private Folder, the default time-out is 5 minutes. After five minutes, the folder will automatically lock itself again. You can lock the folder manually from either the desktop icon or the taskbar icon. You can also adjust the time to leave the folder unlocked from 3 minutes to 60 minutes (or never if you're feeling lucky).

You can download Private Folder 1.0 directly from Microsoft's website. You need to be running a genuine copy of Windows XP SP2 or Windows XP Media Center Edition to access the download.

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