Microsoft couldn't get all of Yahoo, but it can still get some Yahoo employees

Microsoft may not have been able to complete the deal to buyout Yahoo, but the company has now launched a recruiting campaign aimed at Yahoo's engineers.

"There is just great search talent here," Microsoft spokesperson Doug Free said during an interview.

Microsoft has several offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it is now showing a renewed interest in adding office space and employees.  Microsoft already has offices in San Francisco and Mountain View -- about one million square feet of office space -- and 2,000 employees.

Microsoft would have been able to add 2 million square feet of office space and an additional 5,000 employees to its Bay Area roster.

The fallout from the failed Microsoft deal has seen a number of Yahoo executives flee the company over the past several months.  The Mountain View-based company also laid off 1,000 employees in February.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Microsoft sent a detailed email to marketing staff and select engineers. "Your name was brought to my attention as someone who may be very knowledgeable in the online business space," the email reportedly said.  "I know a lot of people from Yahoo have been reaching out to us lately because they are nervous about the pending layoffs.  I wanted to give you an opportunity to explore Microsoft careers as well."   

sent emails to Microsoft asking for further details regarding its recruiting goals, but has not yet received a reply.

But executives leaving Yahoo may be more likely to join one of the many Silicon Valley start up companies.  

Bloomberg spoke with several recruiters who said Yahoo executives have contacted him, but likely wouldn't have done so if the company wasn't currently undergoing restructuring.  Several of the ex-Yahoo executives avoided Microsoft by joining Silicon Valley start ups Topspin and Auditude, SearchMe and Nuance.

Microsoft is continuing its hunt for Yahoo executives after placing ads in the San Jose Mercury News newspaper.

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