Microsoft says that there will be a next-generation for its flagship tablet line

Earlier today, DigiTimes floated the rumor that Microsoft was in the midst of putting the nail in the coffin of its Surface-branded tablets. While the ARM-based Surface 2 hasn’t exactly been a sales success, Microsoft has put all of its might behind the third-generation Surface Pro 3, which launched in late May.
DigiTimes specifically stated:
Microsoft continues to see weak sales for its Surface Pro 3 tablet and is reportedly planning to cancel the product line since shipment performance has been far lower than expectations, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.
The report went on to cite that phablets have contributed to dismal sales of the Surface Pro 3 and that the device would likely never surpass the one million-unit mark in sales.
In an almost perfectly timed blog post, Microsoft this morning reaffirmed its commitment to the Surface Pro 3. The blog post, which was written by Surface Genera Manager Brian Hall, explained, “Surface Pro 3 is off to a strong start with both individuals and businesses.”
Hall went on to explain that the tablet has found great success in both businesses and classrooms, and that Microsoft has announced Surface 3 partnerships with a number of top companies like BMW, Coca Cola, and Louis Vuitton along with the University of Pittsburg Medical Center and the Lotus F1 team.
More importantly — and flying directly in the face of the DigiTimes report -- Hall adds:
We understand that for businesses to invest in Surface Pro 3, they need clarity on our commitment to hardware and accessories over time, so they can responsibly manage their investment choices…
But now that we have begun to establish our place in the market, we are pleased to share that the following Surface Pro 3 accessories are designed with our product roadmap in mind and will be compatible with the next generation of the “Pro” line of Surface.
Interestingly, Hall makes no mention of the ARM-based Surface lineup. With the rise of low-cost Windows 8.1 tablets hitting the $100 mark, the days of Surface 2 (and the idea of a Surface 3) may be numbered.

Sources: Microsoft, DigiTimes

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