Microsoft said it will go to court before turning over data on foreign customers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Microsoft made it clear that it will do all it can to protect the data of foreign customers against U.S. intelligence agencies. 
According to Microsoft, it will go to court before turning over data on foreign customers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). 
"We are committing contractually to not turning it over without litigating that issue," said Brad Smith of Microsoft's General Counsel.
In addition to fighting any NSA attempts to seize its foreign customers' data, Microsoft has a few other plans to keep data secure. For starters, it will increase the amount of encryption it uses for internal traffic. It said it would use best-in-class industry cryptography to protect major communications, productivity and developer services such as, Office 365, SkyDrive and Windows Azure. It plans to use Perfect Forward Secrecy and 2048-bit key lengths. 
Microsoft said it would also fight any order to install spyware on a user's machine in court.

Furthermore, the tech giant will encrypt consumer data that it stores. It will also work with other email providers to make sure that messages stay secure when moving from service to service (say, Outlook to Gmail). 
Finally, Microsoft will expand the use of regional centers that allow governments to inspect the source code if they're worried about the software being penetrated. 
To ease the minds of customers abroad, Microsoft promised to stay transparent. 
"Just as we’ve called for governments to become more transparent about these issues, we believe it’s appropriate for us to be more transparent ourselves," said Smith. "We’re therefore taking additional steps to increase transparency by building on our long-standing program that provides government customers with an appropriate ability to review our source code, reassure themselves of its integrity, and confirm there are no back doors. We will open a network of transparency centers that will provide these customers with even greater ability to assure themselves of the integrity of Microsoft’s products. We’ll open these centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and we’ll further expand the range of products included in these programs."
Microsoft said all of this would be in place by the end of 2014 while a lot of it is effective immediately. 

Source: The Official Microsoft Blog

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