Attendees to major technology in education conference to get free Surface RT

Apple learned a long time ago that one of the best ways to get the next generation of consumers hooked on your technology is to get that technology into schools around the world – in other words, get ‘em hooked early.

Microsoft is apparently set to take a page from that book by offering a free Surface RT tablet to teachers that are registered to attend the International Society for Technology in Education convention set to kickoff this week. There are 10,000 attendees registered for the conference and registration is open until June 18. The conference is held in San Antonio, Texas and a free tablet could be just the thing to lure teachers into braving the Texas summer heat.

“Access to meaningful technology for all learners is at the core of ISTE’s mission, so there’s tremendous synergy between our goals and Microsoft’s generous investment in our 2013 conference attendees,” said Brian Lewis, ISTE CEO. “This bold move is illustrative of Microsoft’s commitment to the effective use of technology in education. It’ll be fantastic to watch attendees take their conference learning experience to the next level through the power of their new Surfaces and to hear about the ways they use them with their students.”

Microsoft will be training teachers to use the tablets in the classroom with hands-on workshops and sessions in the Microsoft Learning Lounge at the conference. Microsoft's stated goal is to help teach educators how Windows 8 touch devices can make learning in the classroom more fun for students. The move can also help Microsoft's bottom line by getting more schools to purchase tablets and exposing students to its Surface tablet line at a young age.

“Educators using Surface RT have the best of both worlds: the wonderful experience of a tablet combined with a no-compromise experience of a full-functioning laptop that includes Office and allows for creation and collaboration, and not just consumption,” said Margo Day, Vice President, U.S. Education, Microsoft.

The Microsoft RT tablet hasn't had the sort of sales success that Microsoft hoped. Microsoft is reportedly ready to cut the price of the tablet to spark interest from consumers.

Source: ISTE

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