Microsoft's new Xbox 360 service site
Microsoft makes the repair process easier for Xbox customers

Microsoft launched a new website over the weekend which helps streamline the process of getting a defective Xbox 360 repaired. If the past is any indication, it looks as though many Xbox 360 owners will become accustomed to visiting

According to Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog, customers can easily register an Xbox 360, initiate the repair process for a defective console and track the status of the repair. Microsoft is also offering customers who sign up for the service a $5 credit for Out-of-Warranty repairs.

The service is currently only available to U.S. customers and you must have a Windows Live ID in order to sign in.

The new website is just the latest in a long line of steps taken by Microsoft to give customers a better "service-side" experience with the failure-prone Xbox 360. Within the past year, the company upped the standard console warranty to one year, expanded its warranty services and extended warranty coverage to three years for Xbox 360's affected by the Red Ring of Death.

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