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Microsoft gets medieval on cheaters obsessed with Achievements

“Cheaters never win,” as the saying goes, and Microsoft is making it apply to users of its Xbox Live service.

Today, those who have used exploits to artificially boost their Gamerscore, a numerical score presented alongside an Xbox 360 gamer’s profile account signifying their in-game achievements, found that Microsoft has reset their score to zero.

“Today we took action on some of the accounts we have identified as the most serious offenders who have violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use by tampering with their Gamerscore and Achievements,” explained Xbox Live community manager Larry Hyrb.

Hyrb last year on his Major Nelson blog warned potential cheaters not to share their Xbox Live accounts or tamper with game save files for the sake of boosting one’s Gamerscore.

Besides resetting a cheater’s entire Gamerscore back to zero, the Xbox Live account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements. Such players, however, will have the ability to gain future achievements by earning them fairly.

Even more, those who have been targeted by Microsoft will be clearly labeled as a cheater in the dashboard and for the community to view on the Xbox website. Microsoft has created an example of a cheater account here for public viewing.

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