Maybe it could help Surface sales

Microsoft is looking to open up a new retail store on Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, just a short distance from Apple's glass cube store. 
According to the NY Daily News, Microsoft has spotted a Fifth Ave. space that was formerly rented by luxury fashion brand Fendi at 677 Fifth Ave., near 53rd St.
The 8,700-square-foot, two-story retail space will cost Microsoft a pretty penny, as rent for ground floor stores on Fifth Ave. has been around $3,500 per square foot lately. 

However, this could be a great chance for Microsoft to better show off its efforts in the hardware sector to a truly international audience in NYC. The tech giant hasn't had an easy time trying to sell its homegrown tablet line, Surface, since the device's 2012 launch. In fact, Microsoft's Surface saw the largest quarterly loss yet for the April-June period this year at $363 million USD. The total loss for FY2014 totaled $676 million USD. 
Microsoft would also likely use this prime real estate to promote its lineup of smartphones -- thanks to its acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division – along with its other homegrown products like the Xbox One and its computers peripherals lineup. 

Source: NY Daily News

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