Office Online gets plenty of free templates too

Microsoft has announced that it has rebranded its Office Web Apps to “Office Online.” News of the name change first leaked to the internet in late January.
Microsoft wrote in an official blog post, "We heard from customers that the inclusion of Apps in our name was confusing. Are they something I install? Do I go to an app store to get them? No, to use them all you need is a web browser. Ah! You say. So it’s like Office, online. Yes, exactly. Office Online."
Microsoft says that if you are using Office Online via OneDrive or SharePoint, you can continue using it the same way you are used to. Those that haven't been accessing Office Online that way can now get access directly through and Office Online offer free, online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Users will need a Microsoft Account to log in. All files made using the Office Online service will be automatically saved to OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft has also included hundreds of free templates for the Office Online apps that allow users to make professional looking documents and presentations.
Microsoft has also included the apps available in Office Online into a new app switcher that makes it easy to navigate between email, storage and files you are working on without leaving the Office Online service.


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