The first of several new Windows commercials premiered during the NFL season opener

After lackluster sales of its Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft has officially launched its $300 million Windows marketing campaign.  Relying on the popularity of standup comic Jerry Seinfeld, Microsoft reportedly agreed to pay Seinfeld $10 million for his services in a series of commercials to help change Vista's image.

The first Vista commercial featuring Seinfeld aired on TV last night during the first game of the NFL football season, with company co-founder Bill Gates also featured in the commercial.  The 90-second commercial employs typical Seinfeld standup comedy, featuring Seinfeld and Gates shopping at a discount shoe store.  

Windows was mentioned at the end of the commercial after Seinfeld asked Gates if Microsoft is working on a technology to help create "moist and chewy" computers, which is when the Windows logo was shown.  Seinfeld told Gates to adjust his underwear if Microsoft is working on the technology, and Gates does indeed adjust his underwear.

But initial reactions to the first commercial have left some viewers confused and disappointed, and critics who were not impressed with Microsoft choosing Seinfeld likely will have even more ammunition following the airing of the first commercial.

The commercial can be seen by clicking here.

Microsoft has sold at least 180 million Vista licenses since the operating system's launch last year, but the stigma of an overrated, hard to use OS remains, especially when compared to Windows XP or Apple OS X.

Microsoft recently had an advertising push with its Mojave commercials, where unsuspecting users who reportedly didn't like Vista were tricked into using a new operating system, Mojave, which really was Vista.

As the company continues to struggle to get new users to adopt Vista, research indicates Apple continues to gain market share against PCs over the past couple of years.  During the quarter ending in June, Apple had 8.5 percent market share, which is a 38 percent different compared to one year before.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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