Vista Build 5381 - Image courtesy Paul Thurrott's SuperSite
Microsoft releases Vista Build 5381 to testers

Although Microsoft wasn't scheduled to release a new interim build of Vista to testers before the roll out of Beta 2, the company has decided to eek out one last build. There aren't many changes to this build compared to 5365, but it does give us a look at what to expect when Beta 2 is officially rolled out on May 22nd. From Paul Thurrott:

The Vista version of Media Center has been updated to allow an Xbox 360 to function as a Media Center Extender. Windows Mail has been updated slightly with a new Vista-like look. That's about it. I've already gotten a number of emails from people wondering if I'm going to review this build. The answer is no. My next Windows Vista review will be for Beta 2, and that will occur when Microsoft gives the OK (I'm meeting twice with the company between now the official Beta 2 briefing to discuss what's new in Beta 2). My plan for the Beta 2 review is to focus on the overall feature set, as it now stands, and to examine software compatibility.

Many of Paul's nagging issues concerning the development and features of Windows Vista still haven't been addressed, but I guess we can always wait for the inevitable service packs. Official Windows Vista beta testers can grab the latest build from the Microsoft Connect website.

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