Xbox Live users report stolen account information

Microsoft is investigating possible fraud on its Xbox Live service following customer complaints of having their accounts stolen. Kevin Finisterre was playing Halo on a recent night with several friends when some of their opponents threatened to steal their accounts, he told CNET. Finisterre is posting updates on his Web site on the status of Xbox Live account.

“Literally the next day my girl's account was locked out,” Finisterre wrote in an e-mail Tuesday. “I received a message on my Xbox that said: 'We are sorry we must log you out of Xbox Live because someone else is using your Gamertag.'”

Other troubled users report that their credit card information was stolen to buy Microsoft Points, a form of currency used to buy games downloads on Xbox Live.

“My Xbox Live account was hacked and all credit card info was stolen and used to run up points, etc.  Microsoft says, 'Oh, well, better call your credit card companies; nothing we can do.' Beware that, like Internet Explorer, you are not safe on Xbox Live either.  And Microsoft just walks away from it,” wrote a user of the Xbox Forums.

While Microsoft is not addressing specific concerns just yet, a representative said in a statement provided to CNET: “Recently, there have been reports of fraudulent activity and account theft taking place on the Xbox Live network … Security is a top priority for Xbox Live, and we are actively investigating all reports of fraudulent behavior and theft.”

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