The Halo 3 Zune for military service members  (Source: Microsoft)
Microsoft is adding yet another piece of Halo 3-related merchandise to its product lineup

On the heels of the Halo 3 Edition black Zune, Microsoft is introducing a new brown version of the Halo-themed player for military service members. After receiving feedback on the popularity of the Zune players from U.S. soldiers, teams from Microsoft Zune and Microsoft's U.S. Federal business joined together to develop a special Zune - Halo 3 Military Edition, which will be available exclusively at military retail stores in August.

The new version of the Zune player will be packaged in a collectible Halo 3 box, and will come pre-loaded with artwork, trailers, and music from all three Halo games – presumably with similar content found on the Halo Zune found at GameStop.

A group of soldiers leaving for active duty yesterday from the Baltimore Washington International airport were the first to receive the new Halo Zune devices. Working closely with the USO, a non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of life of service members, Microsoft contributed 300 of the new Zune players to the USO of Metropolitan Washington to be part of a special USO care package the soldiers received.

"Microsoft has been a great partner to the USO of Metropolitan Washington for several years, supporting both our U.S. soldiers and the USO's mission," says Elaine Rogers, president of the USO of Metropolitan Washington. "From Zune devices and Xbox 360 gaming consoles to new computers with the latest Windows Vista and Office software, Microsoft's technology has helped service members stay connected and entertained."

Microsoft is offering the Zune - Halo 3 Military Edition to military personnel and their families at discounted rates through military retailers, including AAFES, and Navy and Marine Corps commissaries, beginning in early August.

Special Zunes are not the only Halo promo item on Microsoft’s list. Last month at the E3 conference, Microsoft revealed a special Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 dressed in Spartan Green with HDMI and other extra features. In June, retailer GameStop revealed special Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 controllers featuring Todd McFarlane artwork and Spartan green wireless headset.

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