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Vista logo stickers on your new PC: the next best thing to actually having the OS

While Windows Vista won't be available for sale this year, Microsoft wants every consumer to make purchases as if the new OS were already out. The software giant announced the holiday availability of PCs, software, hardware and games that will work with Windows Vista.

More than 250 hardware and software products from over 50 industry partners have received either the Certified for Windows Vista logo or the Works with Windows Vista logo created to help consumers more easily identify software and devices that are compatible with the new operating system. The Works with Windows Vista logo helps ensure compatibility, and the Certified for Windows Vista logo indicates that a particular software or device will help deliver a superior end-user experience when used with a PC running a Windows Vista operating system.

It's also been long rumored that Microsoft will offer some sort of upgrade program for PCs sold this holiday season, even though some analysts believe that the upgrade incentives will be insignificant. It's likely that PCs sold with the option to upgrade to Vista will be a part of Microsoft's logo program.

In other logo news, Microsoft said games that carry the Games for Windows logo must meet certain requirements, such as the ability to work with x64 versions of Windows Vista and support the Windows Vista Games Explorer function. Games that feature this logo and will be available for purchase this holiday season include "Company of Heroes," "LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy" and "Microsoft Flight Simulator X."

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The Logo
By Jesse Taylor on 10/14/2006 6:19:55 PM , Rating: 2
From a graphical design point of view. Why did they not add some translucency to the logo? Which seems to be part of the big deal about vista.

RE: The Logo
By wien on 10/14/2006 6:38:33 PM , Rating: 3
So you could see through to the plain white background?

RE: The Logo
By Garreye on 10/15/2006 7:02:42 PM , Rating: 2
Haha might be able to see the shadows tho...

Linux noob
By heedoyiu on 10/14/06, Rating: 0
RE: Linux noob
By heulenwolf on 10/14/2006 7:40:22 PM , Rating: 2
I made this mistake, literally. I installed linux on my grandma's computer and its been completely secure for the last 3 years because she never uses it. I admit that it didn't get used heavily before I installed linux but now it doesn't get used at all. If anyone bothered to surf to a website on it all they'd see is empty boxes for things I hadn't installed the right plug-in for. Why didn't I install those plug-ins? Because every one took several hours of dorking around, searching forums, manually editing .conf files, and pulling my hair out. Why would Grandma use it when she sees me going through all that just so someone can watch a wmv file or view a page written in flash?

Until people get involved who don't think spending 24/7 at a computer is a good idea, Linux isn't a viable alternative to Windows or OSX for most desktop users. If linux developers welcomed non-developers instead of acting like snobs by insulting them in every forum, they might get that help.

RE: Linux noob
By pepsimax2k on 10/14/2006 8:21:32 PM , Rating: 1
>>or view a page written in flash?

you'll be lucky, there's been no new version of flash for linux since v7, and that barely works with anything nowadays...

RE: Linux noob
By blwest on 10/14/2006 9:34:48 PM , Rating: 2
My grandmother runs ubuntu...

RE: Linux noob
By mindless1 on 10/14/2006 10:38:47 PM , Rating: 2
You are entirely out of touch with reality. It doesn't matter as much what CAN be hacked as much as what IS being hacked.

Suppose you have two buckets, one full of gold and one full of apples, but you can only guard one. Which is more likely taken? One is more vulnerable than the other, for reasons other than that either could hypothetically be stolen. So it goes with Vista, it could ultimately have fewer flaws and you are still at a higher risk.

How long 'till Vista is required...
By Toebot on 10/15/2006 3:10:25 AM , Rating: 2
one year, two? If not for gaming, I'd have no reason to upgrade. The whole situation with DirectX 10 really chaps my ass. I guess the only alternative to shelling out more money to the MS monster is to let Sony stick it to me instead. Oh yeah, lets talk about Linux, what was the last title ported over to that platform? How old was it and how crappy did it run? Anyone is welcome to sing the praises of Linux, but in terms of a practical desktop OS, it's worthless. No, it's worse than worthless, it's a hindrance.

By Omega215D on 10/15/2006 11:22:13 AM , Rating: 2
You should pick up the new issue of MaximumPC and find out what Vista really brings to the table before assuming that it's only Direct X and pretty interfaces.

By blwest on 10/14/06, Rating: 0
RE: Why
By Predatorgsr on 10/14/2006 10:06:06 PM , Rating: 3
They don't get voted down because they say linux is good. They get voted down because, like you just did, they just say windows is crap and linux is awesome and contribute nothing to the discussion.

By cochy on 10/14/2006 4:10:37 PM , Rating: 2
Logo...exciting stuff hehe. Soon PCs will have enough stickers on them to be confused with NASCAR bodies :P

Uprader path
By crystal clear on 10/14/2006 5:06:29 PM , Rating: 2
"It's also been long rumored that Microsoft will offer some sort of upgrade program for PCs sold this holiday season,"

This is for the upgraders-

"Microsoft has released licenses for the Windows Vista operating system that dramatically differ from those for Windows XP in that they limit the number of times that retail editions can be transferred to another device."

Be nice to have a list.
By Tedtalker1 on 10/14/2006 6:52:06 PM , Rating: 2
Is there a list of compatible software and hardware yet? That would make shopping much easier.

Installing any OS
By tbrand68 on 10/16/2006 9:36:55 AM , Rating: 2
without downloading the drivers and software ahead of time isn't the smartest thing to do with any OS install. Not everyone has a second computer to do this with after the fact. In the college course I teach, they do the research first, download any drivers next, and then do the install.

Saves many many headache's... this includes when installing linux.

I'll say it again
By blwest on 10/31/2006 1:03:24 PM , Rating: 2
VISTA is teh crap

Just wait...
By INeedCache on 10/14/2006 11:49:49 PM , Rating: 1
until the EU gets wind of this. I'm sure Microsoft won't be allowed to have logos in Europe.

No matter what...
By digiman on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
By podknocker on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
RE: Yawn
By KaiserCSS on 10/14/2006 4:24:13 PM , Rating: 1
Why such a negative attitude? Personally, I'm thrilled that Microsoft is taking the initiative to create a marketing stragetgy that will allow the everyday consumer to make future PC purchasing choice. Remember, not everyone in the world is computer savvy, and Microsoft realizes this. So, to make things easier for these people, they've started to label and designate products that are compatible.

Of course, I'm just looking at it from an optimists point of view. Feel free to counter me with a valid rebuttal.

RE: Yawn
By Tsuwamono on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
RE: Yawn
By Tsuwamono on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
RE: Yawn
By Bonrock on 10/14/2006 4:52:39 PM , Rating: 4
"Vista was hacked before it was even out at a confrence of techies. They did it several months ago and showed eachother and MS that they pluged many security holes that were in XP but still left several large ones open."

A beta build of Windows Vista still had security holes in it??? Golly, that's a catastrophe! I mean jeez, you'd almost think the word "beta" meant "not done yet."

RE: Yawn
By mindless1 on 10/14/06, Rating: 0
RE: Yawn
By therealnickdanger on 10/16/2006 8:52:08 AM , Rating: 2
Everything can be hacked. The largest targets get hacked the most. Such is life.

RE: Yawn
By Locutus465 on 10/14/2006 4:58:34 PM , Rating: 5
Personally I think the whole idea is brilliant... Frankly most people don't care to rebuild kernels, search through news groups for links to drivers etc etc etc... Most people buying computer hardware want the whole process to be as painless is possible... This is one of the reasons why Apple managed to stay alive.... Being a 100% proprietary provider of hardware and software they had much greater control over how device drivers interact with the OS. Now Microsoft is trying to bring some of this to the PC World... While they won't have the same degree of control Apple does, at least they can be sure there is a wide variety of hardware available to consumers who are interested in doing little more than plugging it in and seeing it work.

RE: Yawn
By Aisengard on 10/14/2006 5:15:30 PM , Rating: 5
That's absolutely right. People forget that the appeal of Windows isn't the visuals (what visuals?) or the ease of use, it's because Windows works with...EVERYTHING. Every single hardware setup you can think of, Windows just works. And that's how it's made.

The big reason Apple doesn't just give up its hardware business, other than the fact that the price for their hardware almost constitute highway robbery and yet people still buy it, is the fact that OSX would not survive 2 minutes on an open market. OSX is so stable because Apple controls the entire market, hardware, software, Operating System, Apple controls. Hell, they make the software themselves. So of course it's going to be stable, if the customer has no control over what goes into their system.

And this is what Vista is trying to adopt, without removing the single most desirable feature of Windows. Hopefully they'll be successful. Personally, I have no problem with Windows security. My computer has never been compromised, because I realize the shortcomings of security in Windows XP. But it doesn't take a genius to spend 10 minutes updating virus definitions and routing your network through a hardware firewall. I do this because Windows does what I want it to, it just works, with whatever the hell I throw at it. I really can't say that for Apple.

RE: Yawn
By ScythedBlade on 10/14/2006 6:35:38 PM , Rating: 1
Sure, with Linux ... you can have your most customizable operating system ... but an operating system is supposed to "operate" all the hardware and such ... with linux ... at the best, someone makes a half-assed driver ... and you probably have to end up making one on your own ... with Windows, you google, and you usually find a major supported non-buggy driver.

RE: Yawn
By pepsimax2k on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
RE: Yawn
By Aisengard on 10/14/2006 8:24:02 PM , Rating: 2
Linux is to Windows as Machine Language is to C++

Though I'm not really complimenting either of them.

RE: Yawn
By Tyler 86 on 10/14/2006 10:15:12 PM , Rating: 2
... I think the few of us that know and use both (and both) can respect that analogy.

RE: Yawn
By Tyler 86 on 10/14/06, Rating: -1
RE: Yawn
By hadifa on 10/15/2006 12:43:57 AM , Rating: 2
Let’s say:
Linux is to Windows as C++ is to Visual Basic.

The list can continue like this:

And C++ is to Visual Basic as C is to C++
And C is to C++ as Assembly is to C
And Assembly is to C as Machine language is to Assembly
And Machine language is to Assembly as VHDL is to Machine language
And VHDL is to Machine language as gate Wiring is to VHDL
And gate Wiring is to VHDL as ....

Can continue with analogue Electronics, physics and ...

I think I was carried away.

RE: Yawn
By emboss on 10/14/2006 11:14:46 PM , Rating: 5
You guys need to stop living in the 90's and try a recent distro. I'd suggest giving Debian Etch a go. I've yet to run into a machine that it didn't automatically load all the drivers for, excluding graphics cards and wierd things like laptop fingerprint readers.

Heck, I redid a laptop (Toshiba A100 something-or-other) a few weeks ago to dual-boot Windows/Debian and Debian detected and installed everything the graphics chipset (NVidia go-something mobile). Windows had problems with the fingerprint scanner, the network card, the graphics chipset, the USB chipset, the flashmedia slot, the modem, and the soundcard.

To get the graphics working on Debian required three lines: apt-get to download the stuff, module-assistant to build and install it, and dpkg-reconfigure to change the graphics driver from the open source one to nvidia's one. Same thing for installing ATI's graphics drivers, or you can even do it even simpler: download and run "" and you're away laughing. Compare this to the amount of messing around I had to do to get everything recognised and working on Windows (for example, finding another computer and a blank CD to get the network driver since the only way to get files on and off of the laptop was through the CDROM drive), and Debian was the clear winner in terms of hardware detection in this case.

Kernel recompiles are only really needed if you're trying to really cut down on memory or hard drive usage, trying to get that last 0.01% performance increase, or are trying to install on some REALLY wierd hardware (such as a toaster or coffee machine).

As for installing programs ... it's probably even easier than Windows since you don't even have to google and download.
1) Open up Synaptic or dselect or whatever.
2) Search for program name (or type of program if you're not sure of what you want).
3) Click install.

Or you could just keep spreading the same FUD while never actually using Linux ...

RE: Yawn
By Locutus465 on 10/15/06, Rating: 0
RE: Yawn
By tbrand68 on 10/16/2006 9:39:42 AM , Rating: 2
without downloading the drivers and software ahead of time isn't the smartest thing to do with any OS install. Not everyone has a second computer to do this with after the fact. In the college course I teach, they do the research first, download any drivers next, and then do the install.

Saves many many headache's... this includes when installing linux.

(sorry about the post at the end of the's a dupe and i don't know how to delete it.)

RE: Yawn
By RuiPereira on 10/17/2006 12:42:16 PM , Rating: 2
Hi all, personally I love Microsoft products. No matter what anyone says.
Yes, Linux as its advantages, just like anything else in live – do you prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi!!!

But, lets not forget what Microsoft has done for the computing world.
Microsoft = flexibility, huge choices in both software and hardware plus lets not forget the huge industry in which it has created.

I feel Microsoft has been very good in allowing the flexibility of integration for the past few years, so instead of bitching about how crap Microsoft is, lets rather ask ourselves what has Microsoft did for the world.

Regarding the hacking – so what, like ‘therealnickdanger’ said, everything can be hacked. I specifically like what ‘Aisengard’ said and I’m glad about it because it’s very true. If the OSX or Linux was as flexible and widely used as MS Windows, then I am very sure that it too would be hacked by a 12-year-old and criticised by everyone.

In my opinion, no matter what you want to use – let it be OSX, Linux or MS, no Operating System is crap, they all have advantages and disadvantages and you have the choice to use what ever you want.

RE: Yawn
By mindless1 on 10/14/2006 10:32:27 PM , Rating: 2
Taking the initiative to create a marketing strategy?

Hmm, sure, it's not like every other company on earth selling a product does that. It's a randomly nonsensical statement, of course they're going to want software to run and to certify it just as they did drivers, because they want a Vista concentric world.

Better question is, after all these delays is that ALL they've come up with?

RE: Yawn
By ani4ani on 10/15/2006 9:44:47 AM , Rating: 3
If its rubbish, I thought it would be right up your street? I define rubbish as having 1/2 baked software that barely runs anything without constant searching the internet for a spotty kids attempt at a driver, rebuilding installs blah blah.

Linux is in the main rubbish and can only be used on any reasonable basis, if you prepared to "play and potter" around your PC with utmost dedication. Probably 30% of my mates use Linux in one guise or another and I reckon there on-line about 30% of the time, the rest of the time there trying to get something to work!

RE: Yawn
By retrospooty on 10/15/2006 11:49:35 AM , Rating: 1
And what? You think Linux is a good OS to ship to the 100's of millions of regular non- tech savvy PC users? Linux is a great OS, but not ready for the masses. For the masses, its Mac or Windows. Mac will never make it big because of the proprietery hardware, therefore Windows is all we have for the vast majority of humans, deal with it.

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