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The holiday gift guide aimed at those of you purchasing products for athletes

As an avid cyclist and runner, friends and family are always on the look out for snazzy Christmas gadgets they can get me.  I understand trying to pick up gifts for athletes, especially if they already have a wide variety of products, can be extremely challenging.  If you're looking for something to give to a cyclist, runner, or swimmer, then this brief look at various products may help you.

Finis SwiMP3
Finis is a company well known by swimmers and athletes, as the company specializes in swimsuits, goggles, and other products aimed at swimmers.  The Finis SwiMP3 is a waterproof MP3 player uses bone conduction, not regular air conduction, to provide clearer, crisper sound for swimmers.  The new SwiMP3.1G has 1GB internal storage, drag and drop support, and plays both MP3 and WMA music files.

The device is somewhat hard to figure out when you first test it, and the sound quality is relatively poor when outside the water, but it's the first true waterproof MP3 player I would want to use in the pool.  There is a serious lack of waterproof MP3 players, and traditional ear buds work poorly underwater, so I recommend giving a serious look at the Finis MP3 player.

Garmin Forerunner 405
If you're looking for a simple heart rate monitor that only tells you heart rate and distance traveled, I believe the Garmin Forerunner 405 likely is too technical and expensive.  If you're looking for a device that is able to track long runs, speed drills or tempo runs, along with heart rate and other features, this may be the ideal choice.  The unit also tracks calories burned, and it can compare a current training session to a previous tracked run.

More importantly, in my opinion, is the wireless feature that lets owners transmit their training lots to a computer.  Since most of the functions of the watch are controlled using the bezel, it definitely takes some getting used to -- some owners said it took more than a dozen trial runs before they were comfortable using it.

By far my favorite GPS device to use while out running, and highly recommend it.  

Nike + iPod Sport Kit
If you or someone you know likes to run with their Apple iPod MP3 player while training, then the Nike + iPod Sport Kit may be an ideal technology.  Available for just $29, Apple and Nike teamed up to create a receiver that plugs into the iPod which easily tracks minutes on the road, along with total mileage covered.  Specifically, owners attached a small pedometer inside either running shoe -- it doesn't necessarily have to be a pair of Nike shoes -- but heart rate and more advanced specifications are not available.

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Nike, especially when it comes to athletic apparel -- I prefer Under Armour, DeSoto Sport, and Pearl Izumi -- but for athletes who don't wear a GPS/heart rate monitor, this little gadget can come in handy.

Timex Ironman Target Trainer
Many athletes who are not training wear a type of "active" watch, and the Timex Ironman Target Trainer watch may be an ideal fit.

The $130 watch, when paired with a heart rate monitor, can provide heart rate, target heard rate, average heart rate, "time in zone" heart rate, and a recovery heart rate timer.  The watch has good battery life, is reliable when monitoring heart rate, and can be worn even when not training.  Considering the type of abuse it may have to endure, some owners have complained its durability isn't as high as it could be.

I've been a fan of Timex watches, as I've owned around a dozen different models over the years, and this watch is ideal for anyone who wants a watch they can wear while training or when out on the town.

This final company I wish to highlight may not specifically offer tech-related products, but I feel the need to include it in a Christmas roundup of products geared towards athletes.

Road ID
The company specializes in offering products that allow athletes to always have their name, emergency contact info, and other relevant information on them at all times.  The company offers products that can possibly save a life, and I strongly support taking a look at the site.

As someone who has crashed hard while cycling, I'm fully aware of the dangers of logging miles.

Happy Holidays!

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