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Dell says post-PC era has been good to the PC world so far

Dell has been in the computer market for decades, but sales of its computers have started to decline globally as more and more people move to other products such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, Dell has gone so far as to say that it is “no longer a PC company.”
While Dell’s PC sales may dwindling, according to Michael Dell, overall PC sales have tripled since the term “post-PC” was coined back in 1999. CNET quotes Dell from the VMWare 2012 conference, "The post-PC era has been pretty good for PCs so far."
Dell noted that 380 million PCs were sold last year. Much of the recent growth has been in the emerging market while PC growth has declined in established markets such as Europe and the U.S.
Some fear of the post-PC market comes from consumerization of information technology in the enterprise. This is happening in companies where employees are beginning to bring their own iPads, iPhones, or Android devices and tablets to the office. By using their own devices IT managers save money by not having to provide a device. This is also seen as a contributor to the decline of the computer in the post-PC market.
One benefit Michael Dell sees in the post-PC market and corporate IT becoming consumerized is an increase in the need for network virtualization. Dell said, "Think about all these mobile devices and ask how you secure these mobile devices, it probably involves virtualizing the corporate client, then have it show up on any device they use."
Dell was also asked at the conference if he believed that IT departments would need to loosen security with workers bringing their own devices to the office. Dell replied, "I haven't heard any of our customers ask for that."

Sources: Citeworld, CNET

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