Konami reports 5.1% increase in total revenue

Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the PlayStation 3's premier exclusive titles has sold over 4.5 million copies according to Konami. Konami reported its results for the April-December period; during this time frame total revenue grew 5.1 percent to 234 billion Yen ($2.56 billion USD). 

Helped by the Meal Gear sales, Konami's profits were 17,826 million Yen ($198.8 million USD), up 17.3% over the previous year. Konami's video game division saw the largest increase of any other Konami group as profits were up 10.6 percent to 148.7 billion Yen ($1.6 billion USD).

In Konami's own words, "The Metal Gear series is exhibiting its strength as a brand, steadily increasing the number sold year-to-date to more than 4.5 million units." Konami also announced that Metal Gear Online is now up to one million accounts worldwide in the first four months since the June 2008 launch.

Overall, Konami sold 22.35 million units of software over the nine months. In addition to Metal Gear Solid 4, other software played a large role in Konami's success with Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 selling 7.41 million units according to a GameSpot article.

Despite their current success, Konami revised its full year revenue and profit estimates downward due to the global economic slowdown and the rising Yen. The full fiscal year would encompass April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. According to GameSpot, Konami expects revenues to rise 3.2 percent to 307 billion Yen ($3.36 billion USD) during the year, with profits now projected to grow 0.3% to 18.5 billion Yen ($203 million USD).

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