Mercedes F125 Fuel Cell Concept
Mercedes F125 previews styling of the next generation S- and CL-Class luxury vehicles

While most auto manufacturers are pushing ahead with hybrid, diesel, and electric powertrains as an alternative to gasoline engines, Mercedes-Benz still has a sweet spot for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The latest hydrogen fuel concept from Mercedes is the F125 that will debut this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. 

According to information leaked to, the F125 gets it motivation from a hydrogen fuel cell stack that is paired with four electric motors. Total system output is a relatively meager 231hp. However, that is enough to push the lightweight concept to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds, which is nothing to scoff at. 

With a full tank, the F125 can travel up to 620 miles, while the electric-only range is 31 miles thanks to an onboard lithium-ion battery pack. Top speed for the concept is 136 mph.

The Mercedes F800 Style concept last year previewed the design direction for the production second-generation CLS sedan. According to Motor Authority, the next generation S-Class luxury sedan and CL-Class luxury coupe will inherit design cues from the F125 (just don't count on the gull-wing doors reaching production).

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