Network attached storage taken to a whole new level, remotely

Maxtor Solutions, Seagate's newest acquisition, has launched a network attached storage device which carries many features fond of all things multimedia and then some.

The Fusion 500GB, or Shared Storage Plus, is a 500GB network attached device which utilizes a 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connection to interface not only with a local network but also over a broadband connection for remote access to media stored on the device. The specifications list the Ethernet as an input but we're assuming the link is bi-directional. The product specifications also list two USB 2.0 ports for output which we assume are also bi-directional ports.

What sets the Fusion 500 apart from other network attached storage devices we have reported on in the past is the ability to remotely connect and access the contents of the device through a web interface and interactive drag and drop features to send and receive files. Security features include user accounts management as well as email invitation features which allow the owner of the device to send out emailed invites to those the owner would like to give access to.

Retail pricing on Maxtor Solutions' online retailer site is listed at $450 with a 1-year warranty but some of Maxtor's resale partners have listed the unit for a little under $400. The premium price for a 500GB external networked storage device may be worth it to folks who value the management features Maxtor offers in the Fusion 500GB, however there are other 500GB external drives out there which can be purchased for under $300 with the same 1-year warranty.

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