Curtis Reeves' son arrived at the theater and heard the shooting; he tried to save the man his father shot

In January, Chad Oulson was texting his daughter during the previews of a matinee screening of the movie Lone Survivor when Curtis Reeves, a former Tampa police officer, appeared to take umbrage to his typing.  The pair got into an argument.  Mr. Reeves pulled out a handgun, which he used to shoot and kill Mr. Oulsen.  Mr. Oulsen's wife's hand was also injured in the shooting.

This week a bit of irony emerged in court.  It appears that Mr. Reeves himself had been texting his son, Matthew Reeves, right before the argument occurred to indicate where he was seated. When his son arrived several minutes later, he heard the gunfire.

He arrived to find his father had shot a stranger.  He tried to save his life by pressing his shirt to stop the bleeding, but sadly Mr. Oulsen died.  Pasco County Sheriff's detective Aaron Smith recounted this scene in court this week, commenting, "Matthew said he did not see the shot directly, but the noise and light drew his attention to the top row of seats."

Curtis Reeves
Curtis Reeves, a former cop, shot and killed a father for texting, but he was also texting.
[Image Source: AP]

Curtis Reeves is being charged in Florida court with second degree murder and aggravated battery, charges that could earn him up to 25 years in prison.

Source: Associated Press

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