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Crime occurs outside GTA IV midnight launch

It might be just a part of the circle of art and real life, but a terrible but not entirely surprising act of crime happened around the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. Police say that a 23-year old man was walking past a queue of people in the UK waiting for the midnight release of the latest game from Rockstar, according to the BBC.

The victim was eventually found and taken to hospital for treatment of several stab wounds. Witnesses described the suspect “as being a light skinned black man aged about 21, 6ft 5ins tall, of medium build wearing a light grey hooded top.”

No mention was made if there was any connection between the victim or attacker, nor if there was anything linking either party to the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. But the mere fact that the attack occurred right outside a crowd waiting for the latest chapter in the most controversial videogame of all time could have the anti-videogame sharks circling.

A stabbing of any sort is troubling, but the media deliberately noted that it took place outside the release of what it believes could be the fastest-selling game of all time says something about the reputation of GTA and the people that play it.

Thankfully, I haven’t seen anyone attempt some sort of gross connection between those wanting to buy GTA IV and stabbing someone. I mean, after all, people have been stabbing each other for many more millennia than playing any sort of videogame.

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