An online forum dispute leads to the brutal murder of 21-year old Matthew Pike

Last Friday evening, Matthew Pyke was found stabbed to death in his Nottingham, England flat. Pyke ran an online forum dedicated to Advance Wars, which police believe might have resulted in his murder.

Pyke, an avid enthusiast of the Advance Wars series, operated WarsCentral in conjunction with his 20-year old girlfriend, Joanna Witton. Advance Wars is a simple strategy game with releases on Nintendo's DS and GameBoy Advanced handhelds. WarsCentral offers general tips and information regarding the game and hosts an online forum where fans can network.
It is believed that Pyke was murdered by David Heiss, a fellow Advance Wars player and forum user of WarsCentral. According to police, Heiss, who lives in Germany, became acquaintances online with Pyke through the WarsCentral forum.

It is suspected that David Heiss had an argument with Pyke on WarsCentral, and in his rage Heiss allegedly traveled from Germany to England and murdered Pyke. The nature and full extent of the argument is unknown.

Wednesday night, German officials arrested David Heiss near Frankfurt. He is now being prepared for extradition so that he can be tried for his charges in the United Kingdom.

All forum registrations for WarsCentral have now been frozen, and the forum is now only viewable to registered members. A message on the front page posted by a friend who helps run the site offers a small tribute to Matthew Pyke and offers condolences to his girlfriend , who found Pyke dead.

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