A typical Chinese Internet cafe  (Source: Reuters)
Another reported death in China from too much gaming

Chinese media is reporting a 30-year-old man fainted and died after a three-day video game binge at a Chinese Internet cybercafé.  Paramedics who arrived at the cafe tried to revive him but were unsuccessful after multiple attempts.

Authorities did not release which game the man or which Internet cafe he was playing in during the three-day gaming stint.  More than 100 people witnessed the man's death, but they "left the cafe in fear after witnessing the man's death."

The man's name has also not been released to the public.

"Police have ruled out the possibility of suicide," according to a state media article published on Monday.

Dehydration and exhaustion deaths related to gaming have been increasing over the years, especially in China. The country has the second most Internet users, trailing only the United States, and has one of the largest markets for online video games, with millions of players taking the plunge.

The problem is serious enough that several Chinese cities were forced to open clinics and outpatient treatment centers for people addicted to gaming.

Even though other games are popular, MMO has often been in the spotlight of gaming controversy, with real-life murders and deaths being linked to the game.  Although I don't like writing articles and blogs like this one, you can likely expect to read about more game-related deaths in the future.

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