He was arrested for doing so without permission

According to a new report from NBC News, Kaveh Kamooneh of Decatur, Georgia was arrested for plugging his Nissan Leaf into an outlet at a middle school without permission. 

Kamooneh took his 11-year-old son to tennis practice on a Saturday morning at Chamblee Middle School. For about 20 minutes, he plugged his all-electric Leaf into an outlet at the school and stepped away to watch his son play.

But while he was away, Kamooneh saw an officer from the Chamblee Police Department inspecting his vehicle. The officer was responding to a complaint about his Nissan Leaf left parked and charging at the school. 

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The police officer said he could not find the owner of the vehicle at the time, but the car doors were unlocked and he picked up a piece of mail on the car floor providing a Decatur address.

But the officer eventually did tell Kamooneh that he'd arrest him for theft. Eleven days later, on November 13, Kamooneh was arrested at his home and taken to the DeKalb County jail. He was held for 15 hours and charged with "theft of power." 

Police say the arrest was made due to Kamooneh's lack of permission to charge his car there. After talking with Chamblee Middle School employees, it was verified that Kamooneh certainly didn't have permission to do so. 

However, Kamooneh feels he did nothing wrong. Clean Cities Atlanta -- an electric vehicle advocacy group -- said Kamooneh only used about a nickel's worth of electricity. 

“Of course I agree that theft is theft, what I don’t agree with is that every taking of something without permission is theft,” said Kamooneh. 

Source: NBC News

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