Century SDB25SD Secure Digital to SSD adapter
A $600 investment will get you roughly 8GB of SSD storage in a 2.5" form factor

While it may not be pretty or very helpful for those trying to run Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, you do have to give Century credit for trying something different with its 4-slot 2.5" PATA SSD adapter.

The device features four Secure Digital slots and each can accept up to 2GB. 8GB won't cut it for Windows Vista (default install size of 15GB), but can easily accept an install of Windows XP or Linux.

According to GeeStuff4U which sells the device, Secure Digital cards can only be used in pairs of two and all cards must be of the same type and speed. A minimum read/write speed of 20MB/sec is recommended, so those "budget" SanDisk and Kingston cards that you find free after rebate these days won't be up to snuff for any rigorous usage.

The device itself costs a whopping $258 and shipping alone within the U.S. is $26. Throw in four SanDisk Extreme III 2GB Secure Digital cards (20MB/sec minimum read/write, $80 each) and you're looking at an investment of over $600 for just 8GB of storage.

$600 for 8GB of storage seems rather steep considering that SanDisk is charging roughly $600 for its 32GB SSD drive and that Ritek plans to make available a 16GB SSD drive for under $300 later this year.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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