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There is a big push to go green with everyday passenger cars and trucks that cruise the nation's highways. Much of the green focus has been on EVs and hybrid cars that use electricity.
One place that we have seen some hybrid technology come into play where you might not expect it has been at the racetrack. Some of the biggest names in the sports car and racing world, such as Porsche, are toying with battery power. Porsche has used a KERS system on one of its cars for a power boost.
Green racing is set to become much more popular in the future thanks to the American Le Mans Series and IMSA partnering with Quimera of Barcelona, Spain. The three firms are pushing for electric vehicle racing as the next logical step in sustainable motorsports. The goal is to create a global championship based on cars that don’t use fossil fuel of any sort.
"We have often quoted the fact that the most important race in the world is the race among automobile manufacturers to develop new sustainable transportation solutions," ALMS President and CEO Scott Atherton said.

Quimera AEGT [Source: The Auto Channel]
The organizations hope to develop a series around four categories including GT, Touring GT, F3 open wheel, and TTXGP motorcycles. With a lot of the breakthroughs in the automotive world coming because of tech developed in racing, an electric racing series could be just what the EV market needs for a boost. Inside Line reports that Mitsubishi has expressed interest in the racing series.
Quimera has its own all-electric racecar that is set to make debut in demo runs reports The car is the AEGT, which will make the demo runs at select races in 2012, and would be one of the cars in the new racing series if it takes off.
"We have prided ourselves on a self-documented role as leader of green racing, but our focus to date has been on the development of alternative fuels, power sources and hybrids," Atherton explained at the Autosport International motorsports show in England on Thursday. "This deal has been a long time coming, but Quimera's electric GT car is the real deal. This relationship will define what we believe will be the future of green racing. It's a glimpse of tomorrow.

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