MSI Wind U115  (Source: MSI)
MSI pulls the wraps off the successor to the fantastic MSI Win U100 netbook

One of the most popular netbooks comes from MSI and is called the Wind. MSI's Wind was one of the first netbooks to move to the larger 10-inch screen size and use a keyboard with larger keys and a layout similar to the typical notebook.

The Wind has proven to be popular with many netbook fans and in October of 2008 MSI announced that it had the successor to the Wind U100 netbook in the works. MSI has now made the specifications for the U100's new sibling public. The MSI Wind U115 is the world's first hybrid storage notebook. The machine uses an SSD for the OS to get the benefits of fast booting and data access with an internal HDD to provide more storage space for documents, music, and other data.

The U115 uses what MSI calls ECO mode to provide increased battery life. A 10-inch LCD is shared in common with the U100 Wind and the resolution is 1024x600. LED backlighting is used on the U115 to improve color and battery life.

Inside the U115 hides an Intel Atom Z530 running at 1.6GHz and the netbook runs Windows XP Home. The chipset is the Intel Poulsbo US15W and the machine ships with 1GB of DDR2 533MHz, but can support 2GB of RAM.

Two models will be offered that only differ in storage capacity. The lower-end model has an 8GB SSD and a 120GB HDD while the high-end model has a 16GB SSD and a 160GB HDD. The stock battery is a 3-cell unit with a 6-cell option. Wi-Fi offerings include 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth is optional. The stock webcam is a 1.3-megapixel unit with a 2-megapixel option.

Overall dimensions of the U115 are 260mm x 180mm x 19-31.5mm and the machine weighs about 1Kg with the 3-cell battery installed. MSI will also offer an optional external DVD burner.

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