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MSI breaks Wind on ASUS Eee PC for $399

Yesterday, DailyTech reported that ASUS' new Eee PC 900 is available now from a few online retailers -- albeit at prices higher than the MSRP. In the case of ZipZoomFly, it was charging $50 more than MSRP yesterday for the Windows XP variant of the Eee PC 900.

These higher prices are in addition to the $549.99 price tag that many have balked at ever since ASUS announced pricing for the second generation Eee PC in mid-April. $549.99 is a far cry from the Eee PC 2G's $299 price tag or even the original Eee PC 4G's $399 price tag.

MSI has heard the concerns of potential customers that are disheartened by ASUS's decision to push the Eee PC into a higher-priced, dangerous territory. The company's new 10" Wind will be priced at $399 in base form when it launches on June 3.

Although MSI will produce the Wind in 8.9" and 10" variants, U.S. customers will only receive the larger 10" display with a 1024x600 resolution. The base configuration features an 80GB 2.5" HDD, 512MB of memory, 3-cell battery (2.5 hours), and runs Novel SUSE Linux. A variant featuring Windows XP, 80GB SATA HDD, 1GB of memory, Bluetooth, and 6-cell battery (6 hours) will set you back $549.99.

Both versions will come equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom (Diamondville) processor and both will come with two DIMM slots to aid in upgrading system memory -- ASUS' Eee PC comes with just a single DIMM slot for expansion.

Other features of the MSI Wind include three USB 2.0 ports, a SD/MMC reader, VGA-out, 10/100 NIC, and 802.11b/g wireless. The device is also just a tad bit heavier than ASUS' Eee PC 900 at 2.64 pounds. In addition, the MSI Wind will be available in black, white, silver, baby blue, and pink for those that want to add a bit of "personality" to their notebook purchase.

Hopefully, MSI's Wind will give ASUS a wakeup call in the U.S. market. ASUS brought the low-cost, ultraportable market to life with its original Eee PC 4G, but it looks like other manufacturers are here to show ASUS that it isn't the only game in town.

You can view additional images of the MSI Wind over at LAPTOP Magazine.

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nice Pricepoint
By Falloutboy on 5/13/2008 5:31:35 PM , Rating: 5
if this actually is released at that price they will have something great on there hands and will force the EEEPC to lower there price to compete

RE: nice Pricepoint
By jvillaro on 5/13/2008 5:48:56 PM , Rating: 5
Even at $550 it's in my opinion better than the current ASUS EEEPC. I hope that will force either to cut the price or upgrade to atom faster and improve battery life.
And just around the corner should be the arrival the Dell and Acer models so this should just get better and better.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By othercents on 5/13/2008 6:51:52 PM , Rating: 2
I expect the Atom EeePC to be at Computex which is June 3-7. The only question is what is the price going to be and how much is battery life going to improve. Three differences right now is Processor, Memory, and Hard Drive.


RE: nice Pricepoint
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 6:53:39 PM , Rating: 2
I don't see how an Atom-based Eee PC could be any cheaper unless they reduced the storage capacity.

They look to have pinned themselves in with the $549 pricing.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By othercents on 5/13/2008 7:02:33 PM , Rating: 2
Unless they reprice because of competition or change the design slightly to accommodate a standard HD. Maybe they will redesign the whole thing to accommodate the 10" display that MSI has designed into theirs.


RE: nice Pricepoint
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 7:10:39 PM , Rating: 2
A significant reprice after less than two months on the market. Who do they think they are, Apple? ;)

I don't know how much ASUS is getting its current 900MHz Celeron-M chips for, but I'd imagine that it can't be much more than what Intel is selling 1.6GHz Atom processors for.

That being said, $150 is a lot of money to strip out of machine that is competing with a device that has a larger screen, better upgradeability (storage and memory wise), and vastly greater storage space in a similar footprint.

That being said, decontenting the Eee PC 900 may prove to be unfruitful considering that there is a whole family of Eee PC 701s in the lower price bracket (4G, 4G Surf, 2G, 8G) to fill that niche.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By mondo1234 on 5/13/2008 7:23:25 PM , Rating: 1
By the time it is ready to ship, they wont be able to put XP on it with the new restrictions of 1 Ghz processor.
I will gladly go for the Linux version at that price with Open Office. Bring it on MSI. I will pre-order.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 8:03:23 PM , Rating: 5
MS put in a provision to allow Atom and C7-M processors over 1GHz.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By othercents on 5/13/2008 7:27:50 PM , Rating: 2
I wonder how much the larger footprint and heavier system is going to make and if Asus really has to compete against MSI on price? To me the extra memory slot on an ultra-portable is a waste and the larger hard drive doesn't matter to me for what I would use it for. If Asus was able to put the Atom in, reduce the weight some more (ie. less cooling needs), push another 10 gigs into the HD, and slim down the price to $499 then I would believe they are equally matched.

I guess we will have to wait and see.


RE: nice Pricepoint
By Samus on 5/13/2008 11:42:51 PM , Rating: 2
the keyboard is better than the Eee too (at least the layout, I'll hold reservations on the feel until I touch one...mmmmmm)

RE: nice Pricepoint
By WyldGoat on 5/14/2008 7:59:28 PM , Rating: 2
I don't know what you see so great about the keyboard layout. From the images, the Enter key looks too far from the ';' and they should have put the left Control key in the large corner where the Fn key is.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Samus on 5/15/2008 2:18:31 AM , Rating: 2
it aint no thinkpad keyboard, but its way better than the Eee's useless keyboard.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By spluurfg on 5/14/2008 7:08:26 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah, the 10" screen XP version with its 6 hour battery, plus larger keyboard, plus bluetooth is a good combination for road warriors who just want basic office functionality that can sync with their blackberry/smartphone email and throw it in their carry on bag. It's still better than a 12-13" for portability and the sacrifice in performance isn't too bad considering that it's probably going to do minimal spreadsheet work and mostly word processing. Bluetooth is the key here for business travelers.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Alpha4 on 5/13/2008 6:11:56 PM , Rating: 2
This sounds almost too good to be true. What does anyone suppose I would truly be dishing out if I wanted to walk out of a store with one in my hands?

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 6:14:46 PM , Rating: 2
$399 plus tax :)

RE: nice Pricepoint
By othercents on 5/13/2008 6:53:17 PM , Rating: 3 $399 plus 11.62 shipping.


RE: nice Pricepoint
By Alpha4 on 5/13/2008 9:16:18 PM , Rating: 2
Hmmm.. Maybe the internets is the way to go, thanks! I forgot to mention that I'm in canada (Plus Tax indeed!), so I'm wondering of MSI is going to play the pre-2007 conversion-rate game with us.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By crimson117 on 5/15/2008 11:58:39 AM , Rating: 2
That game rocks, as long as you're playing for Team America.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Alpha4 on 5/16/2008 10:05:13 PM , Rating: 2
Haha! Too true, unless I can get my hands on something like Patrick Swayze's 2-mile-long model train set. I could smuggle the lappy across the border tarrif-free.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Oregonian2 on 5/13/2008 7:03:30 PM , Rating: 2
Not quite "too true", the weight has incremented up yet again (Asus has already been doing that). We're being played "stone soup" with (or is it the "how to cook a frog" game :-).

RE: nice Pricepoint
By andylawcc on 5/13/2008 6:47:32 PM , Rating: 3
agree, and the most attractive feature is the Atom CPU.

screw you Asus, and thank you MSI!

RE: nice Pricepoint
By othercents on 5/13/08, Rating: 0
RE: nice Pricepoint
By andylawcc on 5/13/2008 9:37:09 PM , Rating: 2
actually, you are right. I shouldn't be bashing Asus; if it wasn't for them we won't be seeing any of these "netbook" at all. Just that I was largely dissapointed at Asus's lack of Atom CPU and higher premium.

on the other hand, making good mobo doesn't mean they will make good laptops. that's like saying the GM's Aveo powns jooo because Corvette is an all-time classic.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Quiescent on 5/14/2008 11:36:08 AM , Rating: 2
They wanted to get on the larger screen bandwagon before the Diamondville atom processor was released. The EeePC is pretty good once they sort out all the problems, such as the screaming LCD monitor.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By SeeManRun on 5/13/2008 10:41:49 PM , Rating: 2
I for sure would not buy ASUS again. After the problems with my last board and it not running a Phenom properly, and customer service just telling me "it should work" I am going out of my way to not buy ASUS. Of course it is just my opinion. I've had 3 of their boards and they are usually alright, but now have a Gigabyte and really like it.

I actually got a call from ASUS about my call to their technical support, and told the lady I won't be buying their product anymore. Just a contracted survey company, but ASUS never followed up with me so if they don't care for my business, they won't get it. Not to mention their tech support line is not even toll free!!!

RE: nice Pricepoint
By theapparition on 5/14/08, Rating: -1
RE: nice Pricepoint
By Samus on 5/13/2008 11:49:54 PM , Rating: 3
Other, Asus hasn't made boards equivilent to their oldskool BX (P2B, P3B-F, etc) since the oldskool days.

I haven't purchase one since, not because they're bad, but because there are so many good alternatives.

The MSI Wind is a great example of a 'good alternative'.

In order for Asus to get my business, they need to excel. They are good in all areas such as stability, support, warranty, overclocking, etc. But not GREAT. I buy Gigabyte for GREAT stability, and DFI for GREAT overclocking. You see where I'm going?

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Quiescent on 5/14/2008 9:31:06 AM , Rating: 2
I give Asus support 3/10. They know they're pretty bad with the EeePC support too. Someone actually said that in the support email they got, they were told to get help at an unofficial support forum called Which is pretty sad.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By INeedCache on 5/14/2008 8:39:15 AM , Rating: 2
Actually, since you asked, we do purchase MSI motherboards over Asus. They have proved to be more reliable, and more features for either the same or less money. Never had a DOA MSI board. Can't say the same for Asus. As for these notebooks, jury still out for me.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By eye smite on 5/14/2008 12:32:54 AM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't mind getting the linux version of this and I'd certainly hope the atom cpu has a bit mnore ooph number crunching wise than the celeron

RE: nice Pricepoint
By Moishe on 5/14/2008 8:15:35 AM , Rating: 2
I feel like both Asus and MSI have gotten away from the point of the Eee. Less storage and power but smaller and cheaper. Get rid of some functionality, but make it cheap and small.

Now we have competition (which is good) but they're competing not for smaller size and smaller price, they're competing for larger features.

Someone needs to make a decent cut down laptop that only costs $200-$300 and does common laptop stuff. Forget gaming and forget intensive processing.

RE: nice Pricepoint
By wordsworm on 5/14/2008 10:04:13 PM , Rating: 2
Someone needs to make a decent cut down laptop that only costs $200-$300 and does common laptop stuff. Forget gaming and forget intensive processing.

I agree completely. I'm saddened by the seeming demise of the OLPC. I wanted one. It was supposed to have a crank for power. I don't see anyone else coming up with that feature.

Anyways, I'm kind of just waiting for an 8-10GB version of the Eee to come out at $299-$350. Just want it for reliable word processing.

Anyways, I'd love to see a review of the Eee and MSI being stress tested (like being dropped) to see which one is better. I'm guessing Eee for the drive. Nonetheless, it'd be interesting to find out how it does under normal long term stresses - ie, being thrown into a book bag which gets tossed around a bit, sat on, etc. These are the real tests that I'm interested in.

Good price and base spec
By psychobriggsy on 5/13/2008 5:44:53 PM , Rating: 2
Hurrah, a full sized return key for us Brits.

Shame that 10" isn't that much smaller than this 12" iBook.

RE: Good price and base spec
By Cullinaire on 5/13/2008 5:53:07 PM , Rating: 2
Blah, I'll take a usable \ key any day of the week. Speaking of which, where is the \ key on that thing?!

RE: Good price and base spec
By CCRATA on 5/13/2008 5:57:28 PM , Rating: 2
its next to the Z key. | and \ are on the same key, the pic must have been distorted somehow so it looks like | and |

RE: Good price and base spec
By idconstruct on 5/13/2008 6:39:09 PM , Rating: 4
that doesn't bother me as much as taking the ctrl button out of the corner... if the ctrl and fn keys were switched it'd be perfect for its size.

RE: Good price and base spec
By Oregonian2 on 5/13/2008 7:01:16 PM , Rating: 1
Control key still isn't in its proper place (to the left of the 'A' key)!

RE: Good price and base spec
By Saosin on 5/14/2008 9:34:36 AM , Rating: 2
Omg, how can computer manufacturers still make this newbie mistake? NO ONE wants the Fn key to the left of Ctrl.

RE: Good price and base spec
By DanaGoyette on 5/15/2008 11:25:34 AM , Rating: 2
No one? Aren't you being a bit presumptive (right word?)?

I've used keyboards both ways, and I actually slightly prefer having "fn" to the left of "ctrl". Either way will take some "getting used to" if you're coming from the opposite.
Some of HP's business notebooks actually have a BIOS option to swap "fn" and "ctrl" -- now that's a truly thoughtful design.

RE: Good price and base spec
By sliderule on 5/13/2008 6:51:01 PM , Rating: 2
Nice specs indeed for the price, although the track pad looks like a postage stamp, lol.

I wonder how the track pad compares in size to the eee 900?

Off topic: I hope HP revamps the mininote soon, because design wise it looks better than all of these, but the specs suck.

RE: Good price and base spec
By shabby on 5/13/2008 8:24:20 PM , Rating: 2
At first glance it looked like it didnt even had one, too bad it doesnt have that thingy in the middle of the keyboard like the ibm's have.

RE: Good price and base spec
By ChoadNamath on 5/13/2008 9:27:20 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, these sub-notebook makers really need to step up and throw a trackpoint on there. It makes so much sense for this size notebook with so little room for a touchpad, but no one offers them.

RE: Good price and base spec
By mmntech on 5/13/2008 7:26:30 PM , Rating: 1
The 12'' iBook is still one of the best light weight laptops around almost three years after it was discontinued. 6hr battery life, a dedicated GPU (Radeon 9550 32mb), and it was below $1000.

The new Mist certainly looks nice and the inclusion of the Atom is a huge bonus for it, finally boosting battery life to 6hrs, which I think is where it should be for a product like this. It also features a lot more HDD space at a similar price point as the Eee. I think Asus bungled the Eee 900 by not waiting for the Atom to come out. A little more screen real estate and a slightly bigger SSD is not worth the price jump in my opinion. It still has the same underclocked Celeron and lackluster battery life. I think the SSDs are still the real Achilles heel though, accounting for probably half the price of the system. Small storage bumps add quite a bit to the price.

RE: Good price and base spec
By Mr Perfect on 5/14/2008 1:43:18 PM , Rating: 2
Actually, the Eee900 now offers two CPU modes( ). The underclocked 650MHz mode is battery saving mode, but when plugged into mains power it now runs at the full 900MHz. Not much, I know, but if the 1.6GHz Atom performs around the same as an 800MHz Celeron, then performance between the two should be close.

Found my Eee PC 4G replacement.
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 5:54:46 PM , Rating: 2
This WILL replace my Eee PC 4G. Two memory slots, 80GB HDD, and 1.6GHz Atom for $400. I'm sold.

I'm gonna stick XP on it anyway so I need the more expensive version.

RE: Found my Eee PC 4G replacement.
By SilthDraeth on 5/13/2008 6:20:17 PM , Rating: 2
Do you mean, "Don't need"

RE: Found my Eee PC 4G replacement.
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 6:40:07 PM , Rating: 3
Yeah, that would make more sense ;)

RE: Found my Eee PC 4G replacement.
By Visual on 5/14/2008 2:57:58 AM , Rating: 2
But the larger battery seems nice... if it doesn't get too heavy. I wonder if it would be sold separately, or as an option with the cheaper variant.

By Runiteshark on 5/13/2008 6:21:01 PM , Rating: 2
Same here, ASUS got too excited with its pricing, and got too lazy on its systems. The first EEE was a winner, could of been cheaper, but this should humiliate the 901 any day of the week.

If its released as priced, I wouldn't mind having one.

RE: Found my Eee PC 4G replacement.
By sc3252 on 5/13/2008 11:20:01 PM , Rating: 2
I will be getting the less expensive one because xbuntu doesn't need the higher specs. Of course I will give suse a try, but I am not really a fan of Red hat based distro's

Are your intentions honorable?
By Alpha4 on 5/13/2008 9:28:52 PM , Rating: 2
Just out of curiousity, what does everyone intend to do with such a device? I can tell you that I'm anxious for a cheap opportunity for mobile old-school gaming on the go.
Starcraft + Burger King FTW!

By the way, does anyone know if the Wind would have any trouble playing back HD movies downscaled to 1024 x 600?

RE: Are your intentions honorable?
By Alpha4 on 5/13/2008 9:29:50 PM , Rating: 2

Redundancy error: Mobile + on-the-go = just mobile.

RE: Are your intentions honorable?
By Suntan on 5/14/2008 1:33:53 PM , Rating: 2
Mobile + Old School Gaming =


RE: Are your intentions honorable?
By bespoke on 5/14/2008 2:18:40 PM , Rating: 2
Wow! That is cool! Thanks for the link.

Hard drive is a deal breaker
By wordsworm on 5/13/2008 10:51:24 PM , Rating: 2
One of the key points that make the Eee so attractive is the hard disk being resistant to shock damage. However, it's nice to see a new player to the market.

RE: Hard drive is a deal breaker
By Brandon Hill on 5/13/2008 10:54:11 PM , Rating: 2
It uses a standard 2.5" SATA drive. Just throw once of those new Super Talent SSDs in there :)

By tanishalfelven on 5/14/2008 2:27:01 AM , Rating: 3
and what, pay as much for the hdd as for the laptop. no freaking way. better to buy the eee 900.

Oh, the humanity!
By wordsworm on 5/14/2008 10:52:16 PM , Rating: 2
So, if I dropped it and it broke... could you say... I broke Wind? Oh, the humanity!

RE: Oh, the humanity!
By Ananke on 5/15/2008 12:15:21 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, this is something great, I hope it will come soon

No PSP, No iPod, No EEE, freedom for gamers :)

RE: Oh, the humanity!
By Ananke on 5/15/2008 12:21:50 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, this is something great, I hope it will come soon

No PSP, No iPod, No EEE, freedom for gamers :)

"Breaking Wind" Jokes Already Afoot
By AstroCreep on 5/13/2008 7:25:47 PM , Rating: 1 you can see by the subtitle above.

RE: "Breaking Wind" Jokes Already Afoot
By MrBungle on 5/13/2008 8:08:07 PM , Rating: 1
They should make a ruggedized version of this for industrial use. At nearly $600 for a relatively low-spec notebook, you certainly wouldn't want to break Wind on the job!

Bah-dum... crash!

By wordsworm on 5/16/2008 8:47:01 AM , Rating: 2
Whomsoever down-rated you for that joke deserves to be banned from DT.

ASUS Got it right, than wrong
By Nik00117 on 5/14/2008 4:36:05 AM , Rating: 1
A subnotebook will be less then 450 in my opinion ideally 399 and lower. Several simple requirements.

Give us a decent resolution, 1024x600 is decent.Although 1024 by 768 would be best, hell even 800x600 is liveable.

Keep the costs down and avoid any costs on OS, there are so many OSes which you can get for legal and free. Most of which are of course linux, so stick to linux. OS should also be optimized for the PC in question.

Memory is cheap 1 gig should be considered the norm, however 512 is liveable, if the OS is optimized enough.

HDD we should have an option I myself think 4 gigs of HDD space is enough for such a notebook. The OS most likely won't have many features, therefore it should be small as possible save every mb that you can. However if poeple want to we can always go to standard harddrives as an option.

Wifi is critical

Webcam is a cost increase, end of story leave it out.

CPU 1.2 Ghz is enough, 1.6 Ghz is pushing it. I can run a game on a 1.6ghz CPU.

GPU should bare miniunm, no gaming end of story

Battery is critical I want 4 hours, idealy 8. However if you keep everything low power that shouldn't be a problem

By ChronoReverse on 5/14/2008 11:09:29 AM , Rating: 3
The Atom is designed to run at higher frequencies while using low power. A 1.6GHz Atom is only about as fast as a 800MHz Pentium M.

What you should take away from this is that the MHz rating of a CPU is only useful for comparing the same chip at different clocks.

Hope this is the real deal..
By mcturkey on 5/13/2008 6:44:06 PM , Rating: 3
I'd been holding off on buying one of these mini-laptops for awhile because there were just too many compromises. This, however, looks just about perfect for the money. Powerful and expandable enough that I won't be left regretting the purchase in a month (which I feared would happen even with the EEE-900).

Thank you MSI...
By jpeyton on 5/13/2008 8:16:46 PM , Rating: 2
...for giving consumers an alternative to the overpriced, underspec'd Asus EEEPC.

By Chadder007 on 5/13/2008 9:59:40 PM , Rating: 2
Oh Snap! Anyone taking preorders yet? This is perfect.

By ineedaname on 5/13/2008 10:49:48 PM , Rating: 2
eeepc's were giving a price of $200 before they came out but ended up being at least $300.

I'm not saying this will be like that but if not then they've already sold one to me.

I'm sold for 6 hours battery
By tyildirim on 5/14/2008 1:24:11 AM , Rating: 2
If they can manage 1,6ghz atom, winxp, 30 gig hd, card reader, bluetooth and 6 hours battery with $549 tag I'm sold already.. I hope the bigger battery doesn't hang out from the case...Also some other sites mention about a barebone XP system with a lower question will be the cpu performance..I've read somewhere that the 1.6ghz atom is roughly ~ 800 mhz centrino 1st gen.. so around same or faster than 900mhz celeron??...well will see....

I Am Certainly Interested
By Quiescent on 5/14/2008 9:27:12 AM , Rating: 2
I own a 4G Surf Eee, and I certainly love it. But having a better Netbook with a bigger screen certainly interests me.

However, because of the bigger keyboard and the harddrive, I wish to take a look in person with it, instead. I need to know if the bigger keyboard will be okay with my little fingers, and just how shock proof that harddrive is. To be honest, I am not so gentle with my Eee, and I expect to not be so gentle with any other laptop either. So I hope what they speak of with optional SSD is true. I would prefer SSD over the harddrive anyday.

For me to be interested in another Netbook is a miracle. I am very picky! However, I know MSI is a pretty good brand, and I am interested, especially in the XP version because of the extra features said to have. However, again, I'd still like a feel for myself in person, and hopefully jkkmobile will review the MSI Wind when he gets one. These two things will help me in my purchase, when I do plan on purchasing.

10.2" Screen
By nukunukoo on 5/17/2008 12:08:02 AM , Rating: 2
If only it had a 10.2" 1280 by 800 screen, even for an extra $50, I'd be sold. UMPC types are a boon to very mobile photographers and the resolution makes a world of difference.

Besides, if one plans to use Vista or XP to the ideal, that resolution is needed.

Who knows? Maybe HP's next iteration of the Mini-Note will be it.

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation

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