LimeWire gives DailyTech the 411 on their new music store launch date and pricing scheme

Recently, several companies have been launching music stores to sell DRM-free tracks to music lovers everywhere. The ability to buy DRM-free music is a great thing for those who own multiple digital audio devices.

Just this week Wal-Mart announced they would be selling DRM-free MP3 tracks on their website at a price a bit lower than iTunes sells their DRM-free tracks for. Last week we talked about LimeWire getting set to open a new DRM-free music store and at the time we had no pricing information for the service to report.

After contacting LimeWire, we were able to get them to spill the beans on the launch date of its new DRM-free music store and the pricing they will offer for both individual tracks and their monthly memberships.

LimeWire told DailyTech that it would launch the new music store by the end of November, 2007. Songs will be available a la cart at a price of $0.99 each and tiers will be available for monthly subscription plans. The first monthly plan tier will allow 25 songs to be downloaded for $9.99; the second tier allows 50 downloads per month for $14.99, and the third tier allows 75 downloads per month for $19.99.

LimeWire further added that all songs would be in unprotected MP3 format (which we already knew) and said that other download content like videos would be added down the road.

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