LCC debuts its Lightning GT and its fast-charge system

DailyTech last brought you news of the Lightning GT back in March of this year. The Lightning GT, produce by Lightning Car Company (LCC), promised roughly 700 HP from its Hi-Pa Drive all-electric powertrain and was complemented by sexy bodywork.

At the time, however, the only images available of the car were computer-generated and many thought of the vehicle as simply a "hype machine". LCC put at least some of those concerns to rest as they unveiled the actual vehicle this week at the British Motor Show in London.

The vehicle looks just as good as it did in the rendered shots and packs quite a punch. The Lightning GT features a powerful 120 kw electric hub motor attached to each 20" wheel and together provide over 700 HP. LCC says that its all-electric powertrain is capable of propelling the vehicle to 60 MPH in just four seconds.

Perhaps even more intriguing, however, is the 36 kw NanoSafe battery pack and its charging system. Whereas most current electric vehicles need to be charged overnight to top off an empty battery, the Lightning GT will require far less recharging time. LCC's fast charge system allows the battery to charge to 80 percent in two or three minutes. Recapturing the remaining 20 percent will take another 7 or eight minutes according to LCC. The vehicle is said to travel 200 miles on a 10-minute charge.

The only catch is that this fast recharging time can't take place in a residential home -- it can, however, be performed anywhere where there is three-phase industrial power available.

"I'd like to be talking to Tesco about it," said LCC's Chris Dell. "You're never more than 15 minutes from a Tesco in this country, and they've all got industrial power and forecourts. They're innovators - they'd probably go for it."

Dell went on to praise the efforts made by Tesla Motors and its Tesla Roadster. "Tesla have done a good job getting to production - the Roadster is an impressive car. Why's the Lightning better? Because we've got fast-charge technology. It's future-proofed."

All of this technology packed into one vehicle doesn't come cheap -- LCC says that its Lightning GT will retail for £120,000, or roughly $239,000 USD.

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